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Not A Bad Day For My Lifting Today With My Lack Of Sleep Again

Last night I didn’t sleep all that well and not nearly long enough again. Between drunkenly doing a WOD last night having me wound up and watching the Flyers game I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. I don’t think I even fell asleep until around midnight.

The other thing is for some unknown reason to me basically since I had COVID I have been just waking up around 4:00 to 4:15 AM. It’s not like there’s anything wrong or anything. I am just awake. My brain is ready to start off the day. I have tried laying there in bed trying to go back to sleep but it’s been a failure.

It didn’t help matters that water was coming out of one of our drains, the lowest one in the house last night. I kept coming back to when the old clay pipe was collapsed and they dug up the whole front yard. Luckily this time it was just tree roots from the tree that’s not ours.a

Today the squats at 255 for three sets of five felt heavy, really heavy. Most of the reps were very explosive though but there were a few grindy ones where my position wasn’t the best. Being so tired I just didn’t have the greatest of focus but I was happy with how the back squats for today looked and felt all things considered. I know that these squats were at a weight which I could very well fail at but I got through them with no real difficulties at all.

While I thought the squats felt heavy my strict presses at 122 for three set of five felt even heavier. There were definitely some grindy reps but I did manage the three sets felt manageable. Not easy but a bit challenging.

Finally I had to do my power cleans for five triples at 165. Some of the reps looked great and others were really sloppy. It is what it is. I’m tired and my brain is fried today.

Music today was Dream Theater.