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Bench Press Felt Good Today Then Got A WOD In

This morning, I woke up feeling pretty good. Sure, I was a bit tired from being up late watching the Eagles, but that was a good game and had a great result too. The Eagles won! When I went to bed, I found myself laying there awake for who knows how long. I guess I was a bit wound up from the game. Eventually, I fell asleep and slept pretty well for the short time I did sleep. I didn’t wake up at all overnight.

I drank my coffee and enjoyed surfing the web a bit. I knew I wanted to get my lifting and WOD done, so I waited impatiently until about 8:20 this morning before heading off into the garage.

I started off with the bench press. This week is the one plus AMRAP, so it’s on the heavy side. I took my time warming up, and the lifts were feeling pretty good. Late last week, my shoulder had been bugging me a bit, so I took my time feeling my way through the sets to make sure that nothing was going to come of that. My shoulder felt great, so I kept working my way up in weight. My final set was at a hundred and ninety pounds, and I got a very non-aggressive two reps at that weight. I certainly had more in the tank, but that weight will come with time. This cycle was successful with the bench. I’m feeling good about the bench press, even though I don’t think it’s all that useful as a lift. It’s in the program, so I do it.

After I completed the bench press, I grabbed the mail and relaxed for a few minutes. I looked at WODs because I wanted to get one done while I was feeling somewhat energetic. The Phillies will thankfully play their game earlier today, so I don’t have to stay up as late. The downside to that is that I will not have time to get a WOD in during the evening. I originally didn’t want to do today’s WOD, but then that’s what I settled on. It would be a good workout and a shorter one.

The WOD was unweighted lungesters, they’re a lunge on each side followed by an air squat. The other thing in it was the stupid hop overs that Street Parking seems to be obsessed with, so that slowed me down a good deal. After finishing the required rounds of that, it was three minutes of movement. I chose to row since the rower was right there. My time for the workout was about a minute slower than last time, but I purposely went a little slower. The air is very dry today, and I’m not adapted to that. I got into the dry cough a bit during yesterday’s WOD where I pushed hard. It was a good workout. It got my heart rate up pretty good and got me sweating.

Music for today was Temple Of The Dog!