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Great Looking Squat At 310 Pounds

We went to Joy’s last night with the neighbors, so we stayed later than we normally do. Thad caused me to have an even poorer night’s rest last night. I slept, but it wasn’t the restful type. To make matters worse, I woke up at four o’clock this morning. I was just awake. I felt okay this morning. Just a little tired and rundown.

As I was enjoying my coffee, I knew I wanted to do my heavy squats this morning as early as I could. Well, I wanted to at least attempt them. Let’s put it that way. I killed time by drinking my coffee and catching up on some web stuff.

About eight o’clock, I decided it was late enough for me to get changed and go squat. I heard the barrel guys back there working and banging the barrels around. I also heard the relentless barking of a neighbor’s dog.

I had low hopes for how today was going to go. The empty bar felt as heavy as a working set, but I was moving well. I took my time, working my way up through the lighter weight. Somewhere in the middle, think, when I was doing a hundred and ninety-five puffs, I really fucked up. I forgot to put a twenty-five pounder on the right side. When I unracked that bar, it felt like it was going to fly. I’ve done that with change plates before, but not with the twenty fives that I can recall. That could be dangerous, and I need to pay more attention.

I walked around for a few minutes to settle my mind after doing that, and then I put the correct plates on the bar. I got under it, and it felt good, but it felt too light on the opposite side. It was fine, and the weights were correct, but I guess it was still in my head a little. The final warm-up set felt great.

Finally, I was the finale for the day and week of the program. I had to squat three hundred and ten pounds. Anything above three hundred pounds got in my head for years, but not today. While the bar felt heavy as hell, which it was. Today’s weight was just five pounds under my lifetime max, so I should have felt intimated by it, but I didn’t at all. I only completed one rep, and it felt pretty good. Looking at the video afterward, it was a very explosive squat, especially for such a heavy weight. Judging by my video, I had at least another rep in me and probably two more. I need to learn to be a little more aggressive, but that will come with time. Unfortunately, I’m old and don’t want to break my body. I imagine if I had lifted heavy when I was young and dumb, I could have had pretty big numbers. I’ve always been naturally strong.

A little while later, I did a WOD that was just rowing and plenty of air squats. It may have been a mistake. My legs were on fire after the heavy squats this morning. I got it done and got within the goal range for my score. On a different day, I’d probably been towards the upper end of the range, but not today.

Music for today was Alice In Chains