Strength Went Okay Today

Last night we decided to put the air conditioner back in the bedroom window. It was very humid in the afternoon. While the temperature wasn’t bad I failed to take into account the tropical depression pumping the humidity up. It does look like we’ll be under a tornado watch for it. At least I slept good.

First lift of the day as it is on any typical day was front squats. For these front squats I had to do 220 pounds for three sets of five. They felt fairly heavy today but I think a big part of that is the fact that I was getting super deep with them. I was basically squatting with my ass between my ankles. For one reason or another I am just extra mobile today plus the weight is pushing me down more. They looked great and I considered going for extra sets be passed on it.

The days of me having but twink are long gone, not that I had it bad in the past. It was only at the very bottom of my squat. Back then my feet were wide and turned way out. That too, is something I have really cleaned up. My feet obviously still turn out a bit but in any sort of squat they’re just about shoulder width. I like them close together. It’s a stronger and much more stable position for me and I have the mobility so why not?

After the squats I went onto bench press at 165. My arm today found the bench press to be very disagreeable. I did complete my three sets of five and as always it felt better in the later sets. I did what I had to do and that’s what matters.

Finally for today I wrapped up my strength session with my good mornings at 115. The three sets of ten of these felt great today. I mean it felt a little heavy but not challenging. I worked my way through these sets fairly quickly. I could bring up the weight on these good mornings and likely will some day but I am no big hurry to do so.

Music for today’s strength was Candlemass

Later on in the afternoon I did today’s WOD. hop overs (again) and burpees over the sandbag plus burpee pull ups. I could certainly do with out the hop overs and I feel that burpees over an object don’t really add much value but I did it as programmed. My time wasn’t that far off from the goal. Visually the hop overs fuck me over every time. Strangely enough the easiest part for me was the burpee pull ups which were all chest to bar.

The worst part of the WOD was the extreme sweating with the humidity. I started the air conditioner an hour before I did the WOD and it should have been better but it wasn’t really cooled off. I just went with it during the WOD and went abit slower due to it dripping in my eyes but I survived. I figured it just wasn’t keeping up with the high humidity . Turns out I noticed after completing my WOD it was still on the default “economy” setting which doesn’t seem to do much more than run the fan. I wish it would remember your last setting.

Music for the WOD was Alice In Chains