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Nothing Heavy But A Good Day Lifting

I slept pretty good last night. I woke up at 3:00 AM and was wide awake for some unknown reason, but it didn’t make me tired during the day. I have no fucking idea why that happens, but it just does sometimes. It was basically the longer I laid there in bed this morning trying to get another hour or two of sleep the more awake I was.

It was pretty warm this morning and the humidity was up there after last night’s rain. I was feeling it quite a bit just drinking my coffee. It was one of those days when I wasn’t really feeling like heading off to the garage to get the lifts in, but I eventually did.

I started off my day with some back squats. They were moderately light for me today at two hundred and fifteen pounds. I took my time between sets with how I felt so overheated this morning, but got through five sets of five reps at that weight with no issues. It went fairly quickly. I did notice that my hips were feeling a little sluggish today after all the squats I did yesterday with the weight vest. It didn’t feel bad, just a little slow. The squats themselves felt great though and looked excellent. I had one rep where I shifted forward a bit, but I think that was more that something distracted me. It felt good to get under the bar.

Bench press was up next. For the bench, I did five sets of five at a hundred and fifty pounds. These felt pretty good today. No issues with the bench being misaligned, but the weight’s light enough my body just automatically compensates of that anyway. My arm once again felt fine with the benching.

Finally I did my good mornings. Given that my hip felt tight earlier I kept these light at only ninety five pounds for my three sets of ten. For some strange reason I felt like I was moving better than normal with them.

When I was done, I tried just one set of pull-ups with the weight vest to see how it felt. I definitely think I could do it for low reps in a WOD. I only did three reps. It was just something that I just wanted to see how the weighted pull-ups will feel in a WOD with the vest. My hands aren’t too pleased from the sweaty devil presses and rose yesterday. I think I can use the weight vest for WODs with lower reps. I need to find ways to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Music for today was Alice In Chains.