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My Sandbag Broke

After Molly got home we decided to do this week’s sandbag WOD outside on the patio. It was ground to overhead and push ups ladder. Simple enough and fit the bill for the sort of WOD that I wanted for today.

Unfortunately I noticed a decent amount of dust. More than I have been noticing recently and then felt the loose stuff inside. In the middle of the WOD I unzipped the outer bag quick to take a peak in and confirmed what I thought was happening. The filler bag was definitely leaking on me. It was outside so I decided to just go with it and complete the WOD. The extra looseness made the ground to overheads a little more awkward than they already are so I took them a little slower but was able to complete it within the goal time.

After completing the WOD I went to pull out the filler to see what happened. The Velcro was still tight, that’s odd, I thought. It turns out that opposite end from the Velcro is what was leaking. It had one decent sized hole in it an another starting. It seems maybe right where it was sewn.

I’ll have to contact Brute force tomorrow and see if they’ll help me out. I mean I could see them justifiably calling it wear and tear but it should take longer than about eight months for it to wear out. Our smaller, two year old sandbag has had no issues. I’d be a bit disappointed if they don’t replace it but I don’t expect it.

Oh well, I guess that explains why my sandbag has seemingly been producing so much dust. I have the two other filler bags that I may put in and have fifty pounds or so to work with until I get another filler but at least I have options. I just love the sandbag for WODs.