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Today's WOD Was Sick

I really had a good night’s sleep last night. Didn’t get woken up at all. As a matter of fact, I slept a bit too late to go for a walk this morning. Too bad because it was a pretty nice morning for it.

I ate a banana and a couple of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast along with my coffee, trying to get some energy. My appetite has been raging all day.

My strength for the day began with some fairly light back squats. I was set to do three sets of five at a light 205 pounds of the squats, but since they felt so good I went ahead and did five sets, taking my time between sets to rest. Not five minutes of rest or anything, but I didn’t try to rush through them like I have a habit of doing. They looked and felt great for me today.

Next ups were the light strict presses. Like the back squats, I was supposed to do three sets of five, but I did five sets. They felt superb today. They were light, so they shouldn’t have felt bad anyway.

Finally, it was time to move on to the deadlifts. Thankfully, these were light too after my failure on my last DL session. I did five sets of three of them at 235 pounds today, and they felt a little heavier than they should have. I dropped a 15 pound plate on my big toe the other day, and I’m feeling it a bit with the deadlifts today. It doesn’t hurt but I think it’s just making my brain want to hesitate a little.

Music for today’s lifting was Kreator

I drank my protein and ate something. I took some time on my computer and laid in bed for a few minutes on my tablet to recover a bit.

Today’s WOD looked like a fun and challenging one. I’ve been eagerly awaiting to give it a shot. It was just ten rounds of three simple movements. It had burpee pull-ups, power cleans with the sandbag and air squats.

I knew I would really be able to get my heart rate jacked up with the burpee pull-ups. It ended up that I was able to get my heart rate up, Way up. My max for the WOD was 183 and average was 165. While I felt like my heart rate was through the roof, I really didn’t feel like I had to take any breaks. I really tried to use the air squats to lower it, but I just couldn’t get it to drop off. It remained pretty high for quite a while after I was done with the WOD, too. It felt really awesome to play with such an intense workout. They usually have a movement that I just can’t do very fast.

For the WOD, I listened to some viking metal stream.