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Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then Bro Session Later

Today I woke up feeling pretty good, and It turned out to be a pretty good day too in general. Although it was humid, it didn’t get that hot, so I didn’t end up feeling overly burned out like I do when it’s too hot.

Later on the morning, I did my twenty rep squats for this week. The twenty reps at 225 pounds really didn’t feel all that bad. They haven’t been feeling too bad in general, though. I suppose my body has at least to a point gained the adaption to the high rep scheme that this involves. Hell, I could almost go as far as to say I’ve been enjoying my twenty squats. The deep focus and mental stimulation to keep at it as my body’s screaming to stop has sort have been giving me a little runner’s high type of effect.

I managed to complete all twenty reps pretty easily and quickly today. Maybe it took me about two minutes or so from the time I unracked the barbell until the time I reracked it. Every squat felt great and looked consistently great per my video. Thankfully, no sloppy reps, but they don’t happen all that often anyway. My heart rate did make it up to 172

Music for this was Cryptopsy

Later on in the afternoon, when the girlfriend got home, we did our bro lifts. These went well today for me and her thumb was better, so she was able to do them too. Neither of us really did anything all that heavy today, but it felt great to be able to at least get back into it again. She really enjoys it.

Music for today was Megadeth

Finally, we went for a nice walk after supper this evening. It wasn’t super hot, but it was humid this evening and no breeze of any kind to at least make it feel better. It was tolerable and certainly pleasant to get outside and get an enjoyable mile or so walk in. We enjoy it as our time when we can just talk and enjoy each other’s company.