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I Modified And Rushed My Strength Workout For Today

We had a bunch of running around to do today and other things to get done around here so I rushed through my strength bright and early this morning. It worked out well though since I wanted to do a heavy bench single.

Starting out today I did a very easy three sets of five back squats at 195 pounds. It worked out well that I needed very little rest between sets and took very little. I got through them faster than I got through the warm up but it felt great to get under the bar albeit rushing it.

The only other lifting I managed to do today was a single at bench press. I was a bit disappointed bat at the same time happy with my result of the heavy single. My shoulder is a bit angry from loosing plate on the one side of the bar doing jerks the other day. Not injured or anything like that. Just maybe a little over worked would be the best way I could describe it.

Truthfully I had forgotten about it until the bench presses got a bit heavier. I noted that I was favoring the opposite side a little so that’s when I decided to feel it out. The good news is I worked up to a very easy feeling 215 pounds which was just 10 pounds short of my max from last time doing a heavy bench single. While my shoulder felt a little twingy I felt like there was certainly more in the tank and had I not messed up that jerk I’d would have been making an easy PR. I decided I would load 230 pounds onto the bar and give it one attempt for today which would be a five pound PR. I thought if I make it it’s great, if I don’t I know why. Unfortunately I failed that rep as I felt a little bit too much on my left side so no PRs for me today. I can’t be too mad about it though since the one before felt like an easy warm up. Next time I’ll crush it.

Music was Dream Child.