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Did My Strength For The First Time Since The Tree Started Self Destructing

I’ve posted about it before but with the storm the other day I sort of lost my focus to be able to lift safely. I mean I’m sure I would have been fine and could rely on muscle memory to just go with the flow but why risk it? It’s much better for me if I miss a session or two for being extra cautions than it would be to allow a sloppy rep to cause me to injury myself then miss who knows how many sessions. Between that and some other things we had to do I ended up missing my strength work since last Wednesday.

Thursday we had the mess outside to deal with plus some of the insulation in the garage had fallen down. I certainly could staple it back up but I am just not comfortable with it with not being able to see where the staple gun is pointing. I don’t want to hit any wires that ere in the ceiling. Obviously I also didn’t want to get a face full of insulation either. Molly put it back up Friday but I wasn’t feeling my strength that day. Saturday and Sunday I just didn’t make time for it but at least I’d gotten WODs in.

I started off the day with front squats. I lowered the weight that I did from the programmed 225 pounds back to 195 pounds. My knee is a bit unhappy from playing soccer with the grand daughter in a dark, rain holy back yard. It was worth it though! Anyways, back to the front squats. I went lighter with them today but they felt great so I went for five sets of five of them. My knee didn’t protest like I thought it might but I still think playing it safe was the right thing to do. I was happy with how they looked and felt.

After I wrapped up the front squats I moved on to strict press. Given my break, slightly angry hand from bending my hand backwards curling the grandson on Saturday and the fact that I need to do devil presses multiple times this week I went down to 95 pounds. These felt great too so I went ahead and did five sets of five of them. My arm is feeling better now. I figured out the way to stretch it is with a PVC pipe.

Finally, my last lifts of the day were the power cleans. It made sense to me to just go ahead and lower the weight for these too. I’ll get back up to heavier weights in no time! I wanted to see how my hand felt with them and as always I wanted no misses. Yesterday it hurt to hold the coffee pot but the cleans at 145 today felt fine. Maybe I had a little bit of mental hesitation but it didn’t bother my hand at all. I easily worked through my five sets of thee power cleans at 145 pounds.

I ate lunch and drank protein then digested for a few minutes. I decided to get the retest WOD out of the way.

I wasn’t looking forward to doing all of the renegade rows and devil presses again as I was a bit concerned that my knee or hand may not like them but that’s why I decided to get it out of the way. Devil presses come up multiple times this week and I want to do the other WODs so this way I can recover if I need to.

The WOD didn’t feel bad at all. I used the 40 pound dumbbells. I resisted the urge to go unbroken on the renegade rows with the twelve devil presses right after them. The 36 calorie row was another reason to break up both the renegade rows and devil presses. It was a very grippy WOD.

I was moving along well on a pace to PR it by a few minutes from the last time I did it in the beginning of the month. It was feeling great. I was maintaining a very high heart rate but felt like there was more in the tank until I became very much aware of the fact that I didn’t wait long enough for my food to digest before doing this particular WOD. That hasn’t bothered me recently but today I felt really felt like throwing up. I didn’t but i had to slow down a bit to keep myself from feeling that way again. I’d say it’s once every three to six moths I push it enough to feel like that. What’s worse is I had the gag reflex just as I was exhaling while rowing and it hit with perfect enough timing that I felt my diaphragm get pissed off. I stopped a few seconds and let that settle and reset my breathing while I was at it. Pulling the rower handle into my stomach wasn’t necessarily a big help for me in that situation.

There’s a few movements that I am just not able to get my self to perform very quickly. Devil presses are one of those. While I can do them just fine I’m not super confident in them or my form with them. It’s just not embedded into muscle memory yet. I’ll take my time now and do them right rather than do them half assed for time and fuck up my back or something like that. I’ll get fast at them in time. I’ve already come a long ways with it.

I was a little disappointed with my score but I was happy with how I felt. Some days things like this happen. Any day with a workout is better than no workout I guess. Today I ended up with a great workout even though I didn’t perform as I had hoped. Hopefully soon the humidity will be lower and I can begin pushing myself more. The air conditioner in the garage is a big help but it’s not helpful at all that I spend the rest of the day sitting in the heat and humidity.

We did do part of our bro session today. I passed on the presses and skull crushers with my shoulders being totally wrecked from the WOD earlier. It felt pretty good to get back at it.

Music for today WOD was Dio.

After supper we went for a short walk. It’s a super nice evening but the short walk became a mile. A mile is still short for us but longer than we expected it to be. I don’t know how I did it since I was feeling dead tired but it was great to get out and grab some fresh air this evening.