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Excellent Day In The Garage This Morning

I woke up this morning feeling tired but unable to go back to sleep so I just got up. Maybe there’s a small chance that me smelling the coffee was a factor. I thought it would be a crappy day but I quickly felt better and then seeing this morning’s awesome sunset even made it better. It was pretty cold here in the house with our shitty heat but I managed

I was anxious to get at my lifting in the garage so I headed out there about 8:45 am when I figured everyone was awake enough to not really be annoying if they heard anything. I heard activity on both sides so that made me ready to get at it.

Beginning this morning’s lifting session with the back squats I knew it was going to be a great day for me. It was only 205 pounds for three sets of five but I was really feeling it today. I was definitely in the zone this morning. They felt really great and looked great too. The weight was light but it’s still weighted squats. They were nice deep and explosive back squats. Very mechanical looking with me remaining a bit more upright than I normally do. The only reason I did not go for five sets today is the fact that my knee has been nagging me a bit. I think yesterday’s weather had it acting up. I did keep the rest times short and the squats felt very easy.

Next the strict presses were up. These were a moderate 115 pounds for my three sets of five. They really felt easy today with nice solid presses and lockout. The best part about them is that I felt nothing at all in my arm or shoulder today even though the weight is getting up there. The shoulder had flared up a bit on Friday when I slept on it wrong. Getting old sucks. I just stuck with the three sets today to keep things on a good note and not over do it. They were nice quick lifts and from the video I took some of the best looking ones form wise that I’ve done in quite a while.

Last up for today and really my favorite part of the day was the deadlifts for five singles. For these I used 275 pounds today. That’s a pretty heavy weight for me on most days. Today they just felt super easy and explosive and looked great. The garage was only 47℉ this morning and my bar was even colder being against the cold and drafty wall. I thought that may put a damper on my grip but it really didn’t at all. These deadlifts looked great in form from my videos too. Like everything else this morning these deads just felt easy. If I’m feeling like this the next few deadlift sessions there is absolutely plenty more in the tank for me.

It really just was one of those excellent days for me and my lifts. Everything was clicking and flowing like it should. I had great focus and I really didn’t have to overthink anything if that makes any sense. Things were working great with my muscle memory.

Funny thing is I noticed looking at my videos afterwards is that I had my shirt on backwards. Oops, I thought it felt odd. I’ve probably done that going to the Crossfit gym back in the day too and gave just about as much of a shit about it then as I do now working out at home.

Music today was Saint Vitus