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My Lifts Today Were Heavy But They All Felt Great!

There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to when heavy lifts feel tough as hell to get through or the other times they feel pretty great. If I had to take a one hundred percent honest guess as to why it’s been so tough recent I would say I am just plain not eating enough calories.

Thankfully today was a heavy day that considering the weights I was pushing and how it felt last time I was up there really ended up feeling great. It was both challenging and rewarding to get though a tougher day for a change without feeling like my soul is dying.

First up was the back squats for three sets of five at 255 pounds. Last time I was at this weight it was absolutely crushing me from the first rep on. The last time my knee was bugging me a bit too but that’s fine now. I can’t say it wasn’t challenging but it is getting close to 85% of my last true max from a couple of years ago. I was thinking today might be tough to get through the squats considering I did the WOD with a lot of lunges in it last evening. I suspect my max has increased since then but I didn’t really push it last time I went for a heavy single since I was just getting over an angry quad.

Anyways the first set felt the heaviest today but certainly doable. I got through them more quickly than I normally do and rested a bit less between sets. The Last set actually felt the best today which is odd. Usually it’s the second set that feels the best when it starts getting heavy. None of the reps I did today felt like a fight at the sticking point. They were still pretty explosive considering the heavy weight used.

Next up was bench press. The lift that’s toughest for me. Today I was set to do the three sets of five at 190 pounds. I have only succeeded with this particular weight once and that was seven months ago or so. Today it really didn’t even feel all that heavy. It definitely feel like there should be another week or possibly to of progress in this lift if things go well. That’ll be nice to get past this hump finally.

Next up was good mornings at 80 pounds. Nothing special but they felt good.

Later on in the day I decided to do an EMOM of weighted pull ups. Today I used 53 pounds for them and they actually felt pretty good. Hard to believe when I thought I got good at pull ups a few years back and ugly ass 50 (or maybe 45) pound weighted one was my best, I can’t remember for sure which weight it was. The weight also gives a really nice shoulder stretch!

The music choice for this day was Cytotoxin