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Zero Energy Today But I Made My Lifts

I have no reason at all to feel this way today at all but It’s one of those days where I just feel like I have zero energy at all. My legs feel like dead weight and my brain just doesn’t want to think at all. I felt as if I slept well, maybe not quite enough but I slept straight through the night. Since I got up though I just have felt dead tired.

My legs are feeling shot from the 96 weighted step ups in the WOD I did yesterday. I haven’t done them in a little while but even so they just felt tougher on the backs of my legs than they normally do. Maybe I was stepping a bit differently or something. In general with everything I do my feet just aren’t turning way out like they used to do.

The day began with front squats. I have to admit that even the 95 pound warm up set felt heavy today. As the warm up sets grew progressively heavier they felt more draining. More than anything it was feeling as if my legs simply just didn’t want to work. Figures that today was a heavy day for them too as I had to do three sets of five at 225 pounds. They felt really tough but I did complete the three sets and I have to admit that the ones I recorded looked awesome. My girlfriend said she couldn’t tell that I wasn’t feeling it and would have never guess it if I hadn’t told her. I took longer rest between sets than I might otherwise have but I had the mental toughness today to complete my sets.

Today was bench press day so that’s what I moved on to after the squats were finished. My upper body is feeling like toast today also I guess from doing our bro session last evening. Thankfully they were on the lighter end at 150 pounds and I got through my sets. They felt surprisingly easy yet at the same time tough and slow but I got through them and moved on.

Finally I did my good mornings at 115 for three sets of ten. I really was hesitant with these at first thinking my pissed off glutes and hammies from yesterday’s step ups might interfere. I actually felt better with them once I added the weight from the empty bar warm up set. They felt good and the stretch back there felt great.

Music for this was Metallica (…And Justice For All)

We did school shopping with the grand kids today. So much fun. Not really but it made them happy I guess.

After we got home we ate supper. It was pizza from two cousins since it was later and we just had an urge for it. It was a good choice since it was one of the best pepperoni pizzas we’ve had!

After supper we decided to go for a short walk to get some us time and unwind a bit. We’re both peopled the fuck out from the mall. The short walk turned into nearly a mile and a half but it was a nice evening for it. Not hot and not nearly as humid as it has been.