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Felt Great To Be Back In The Garage Gym Today

It’s not really been a big secret that other things have been going on for a bit that have been taking priority over the garage gym stuff. Life does that sometimes, where less fun things become more important. It’s been brutally hot and humid, plus the stress of the tree last week. Finally, the tree guy got here, but I moved our large hibiscus into the garage so that sort of took up my space. I took it back out last evening when they were finished, then we headed off to Joy’s for supper. It was a couple of Long Island iced tea drinks type of night, then some redemption when we got home.

I slept surprisingly good for having drank, but I woke up much too early. 2:00 AM or so. The air conditioner was annoying me. The covers were annoying me and my pillow wouldn’t get right. Finally, I just decided, fuck it, and got up.

My strength session in the good ole garage started out with front squats at 205 pounds. They felt heavy today, but that was only because I am feeling dead tired. I did them just fine and they looked great. I just wasn’t feeling it; therefore, they just felt super heavy throughout my three sets of five front squats.

Next up, I did my bench Press for three sets of five at 145. They weren’t heavy and felt pretty good. Like the front squats, they felt heavier than they should have because I wasn’t feeling it, but I got through them easy enough.

Finally, I did good mornings for three sets of ten at only 95 pounds this week. I have been doing these at 115 pounds, but given how I feel run down today, I went on the cautiously lighter side.

In hindsight, I should have turned the air conditioner on. Temperature wise it wasn’t that terrible today, but the humidity was a different story. I was pouring sweat, but it did no good at all. That was probably another factor in why everything felt so tough today, I’m sure.

Music for today was Alice In Chains.

A few hours later, I had the night so bright idea of doing a WOD. I wanted to do one outside since it involved running and a sort of hang power snatch and single overhead lunge type of thing which could easily perform out in the grass. The slightly uneven ground and some gravel weren’t ideal to lunge on, but it was manageable as long as I didn’t migrate too far to the side where there’s less grass. The running part was brutal in the humidity and by that time heat was on too. There was a nice easterly breeze, but it didn’t do jack shit to help me cool ff any at all.

The final round of the run is where I got pissed off. The jackass down the street planted a row of trees along the edge of the roadway that hang way out into the road. I’ve bitched about that before. They’re bigger and thicker now, so it really effects visibly. Right about at his corner, I nearly got hit by a car that didn’t bother to stop or even slowdown at the stop sign. In his defense, he may not have seen it as it’s concealed in the trees, plus the dipshit homeowner has his truck blocked in a way to block it. Luckily, I pay attention and heard him coming around the corner. The driver cut the corner so tight that he went through the edge of the yard, while I had to get into the yard to avoid being hit. There was no excuse for that at all. People seriously need to take more care when driving.

It was much nicer later in the evening when we went for our walk. It was cooler and a good bit less humid, with a pleasant breeze. Although it looked as if it was threatening to rain in the evening, the storms petered out before they got that close to us.