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Feeling More Tired Than I Did With COVID But I Did My Strength And A Deceiving WOD

I really don’t know what’s gotten into me recently, but I’ve been feeling pretty tired and rundown. If I was having brain fog, I would almost be willing to venture to guess that my thyroid hormone levels are a bit off, but nothing’s changed, so I don’t think it’s that. It’s only been a week or so, too, so it’s not long term yet.

Starting off with the back squats as I normally do, and they felt decently good today. I did the squats at five sets of three at 240 pounds. As tired as I’ve been feeling, I really expected that these squats would be pretty tough today given it’s getting up there to a moderate weight now, but they didn’t feel bad at all. They actually felt fairly easy. I didn’t press my luck though today and do the extra sets, as it’s getting heavier now.

Today was bench press day! I did my bench at 155 pounds for five sets of five, and I have to say that they felt pretty good. They were uneventful, but not that heavy for me.

Next I did my good mornings at 85 pounds for sets of ten. They felt great today. Almost too great, and now that I am writing this, I realize one of the reasons they felt too great. I forgot to add the 2.5 pound changes plates, as I had wanted to do them at 95 pounds. Oh well, at least I did something close to what I anticipated.

Next up, I did an EMOM of weighted pull-ups at +55 pounds. They surprisingly felt great today. Of course towards the end they started to degrade to a point, still passable but not idea, but the earlier reps were feeling great and explosive.

Now here is where I knew I had fucked up. It takes skills to do this shit, but I pulled off the plates from my belt and leaned them against the box to relax a minute or two before putting them away. I managed to lean the plate in a way that I got to watch it roll in slow motion from in front of me to around the back of my right foot. It managed to tip at that point from the optimal position for the edge of the plate to hit my achilles tendon when it tipped over. That fucking hurt. Thankfully, it went away as I was eating lunch and drinking my protein

I relaxed a while and recovered a bit while playing Watchdogs Legion on my XBOX. I’m loving this game!

A little while after eating, I did today’s WOD. Let me just say this WOD was brutal. One of those “what the fuck was that” ones that really deceive you when you think it’ll go better than it did. It was simply a pretty high number of 3 rounds of 30 thrusters and 30 kettle bell swings. I only used 25 pounds for the dumbbells thrusters as I am not super comfortable with them yet. I made it through the first round unbroken, did I mention you did a bunch of burpees at the end of the WOD for each time you broke them up? I fucking hate burpees, so I preferred not to do any of them.

The second round and third round, I had to break once on the thrusters. My shoulders were toast. I don’t know whether it was from the lifting earlier or the WOD itself, but my shoulders felt as if they were done. I did 20/9 and 15/5 for the second and third rounds.

The kettle bell swings weren’t bad, besides really spiking the heart rate. Granted I only used the 24kg bell for this WOD and I think knowing what I know about how it went down that was a wise choice. I scaled it to Russian swings but while I can go overhead it really is a stupid movement that it adds nothing of value besides it being a Crossfit standard and is used for judging in competitions. I’m not competing, I am just getting a good workout in at this point.

While doing the WOD, I noticed how warm the sun was feeling coming in the back door. It’s been a while since I’ve noticed that. Both because the sun has been hidden behind the clouds for most of the day during recent times and the fact that it’s just getting higher into the sky now.

Music for today was Motorhead.