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Failed Squat From The Humidity Today

It wasn’t all that bad when I woke up this morning. pretty humid but tolerable. As the morning went on the temperature has increased over time. I did a lot of debating in my head on whether I wanted to attempt my strength work today or push it back a day or two when it’s cooler and less humid

About 9:00 I decided it was time to go do my strength work for today. It was miserable humid but I thought the only way to get used to the summer time weather is to embrace it. I was to do back squats at 220 today and they felt great albeit a sweaty mess. That was until the last set.

The last rep of the last set the bar just started to slip on the way up with my shoulders being so sweaty. I’ve never had that happen before. Obviously my body reacted and aborted the lift. I dumped it behind on to the safeties.

It was at that moment I decided to redo this day’s squats and finish the rest of the lifts probably tomorrow. There was no way I was going to be able to hold on the the 305 pound deadlifts today and the floor was a bit slick from sweat and humidity. Not as bad as last week as the ground is warming up but I still felt it best to pass on the DL for the day. The fan wasn’t doing jack shit to help me cool down either today. I’ll adapt to the summer heat and humidity but it will take some time.

At least now there are some cumulus clouds building to our east. Radar shows storms popping to the west too. Hopefully we get a nice one late afternoon or early evening to knock the temperature back but also be too late for it to realty spike right back up.