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Squeezed In My Strength Between All The Running Around We Did Today

I did not sleep well at all last night. Not even a little but thankfully I had taken a rest day yesterday so I felt pretty good regardless of the poor sleep. Every little noise woke me up and never really got into the deep sleep. Eating heavy food and drinking booze from Joy’s was no help in this matter but we enjoyed date night.

Once the sun had come up for a little while we went for a walk. It was a chilly morning but the sun felt warm once it got a little higher. We ended up walking to the library area and back to give us nearly two miles for our walk. It felt good to go in the daylight and in the morning again since the sun is set in the evening when we go for the next few months. That route is a little more hilly than our normal one but the traffic on 772 is pretty annoying in the dark.

It was a great way to start the day to get some blood moving and collect some vitamin D. It’s just so much better to be out and about and moving around than it is to be sitting on my ass. There’s a time and place for the sitting around but less is more with that.

Molly had to do some running around and we had to get the grocery stores done with today rather than procrastinating until tomorrow when everyone else is out. I just hate how people in the stores just stand around having conversations blocking up aisles and stuff all the time. I’m not an impatient person by any means but when it comes to the grocery shopping I just want to get in and out of the store.

By the time we were done with the running around it was the middle of the afternoon. While I prefer getting my lifting done with earlier in the morning I have to admit that the sun felt good shining on me while doing my lifts. Had we not gotten our tree removed last summer we’d still getting the shade on the garage but with that gone it was pretty much unobstructed sunshine.

The first lift for me were the three sets of five front squats at 210 pounds. They felt good today although a little heavier than they should have for the weight. It’s not heavy weight for me but more on the moderate side so I knew I could do it on any day even though my brain wasn’t wanting to. I know I can chalk that up to poor sleep though. I worked my way through the three sets fairly easily considering how tired I’ve been feeling all day.

Next I did my bench press at 160 pounds. I did these fairly moderate weighted bench presses for three sets of five with no issues. It felt pretty good but I can definitely feel that my left arm is still a bit weaker from when it was sore. It’s feeling better but just weaker. I just have to work through it now. I did have a little bit of a problem with the bright sunshine shining in the door while doing my bench press but at the same time it felt really good on my legs.

Lastly I did my good mornings. These felt surprisingly good today considering how burned out I’m feeling. I even kept them at the 115 pounds for my three sets of ten. I got through them pretty easily.

Music for my strength Dio.

Once I was done with that it was the fun of going up in the attic to bring down our winter clothes. I don’t handle the colder weather nearly as well as I used to growing up but then again our heat sucks in this house and we don’t really use it up stairs at all other than in the bathroom. We also know that there’s no insulation in the walls. I’m sure the fact that I have short hair rather than the long hair I used to have and that it’s much thinner is a factor. I have a lot less body fat for insulation too so that makes a difference too. Bring on the onesies from around the house!

When I am moving I am still a furnace but if I am not exercising I just don’t generate nearly as much heat as I used to.

After we ate supper we went for another walk. Our short walk turned into a little bit over a mile or something like that. It was a nice quiet walk and the sky was clear enough to see what stars you can see with the town’s light pollution.