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Nice Day For My Lifts

I slept great last night. The nice, cool weather really was a huge help with that. I did have the extreme annoyance of waking up to my eyes burning from fire pit smoke. The neighbor at the corner seems to think it’s appropriate to just let it burn all night unsupervised. It’s also too close to their house. It’s only a matter of time until they get banned. You can’t have nice things with assholes like that.

I got up and enjoyed my coffee along with the nice cool and crisp earlier spring like air today. It was a really refreshing night and morning after the past couple of humid days and nights.

I headed out to the home gym to get started with my lifting for the day. I started off with my back squats like I do all the time. They’re getting up there in weight now at two hundred and forty-five pounds for three sets of five. The warm-up sets felt good and the working weight sets felt great. Even better than the lighter ones, I’d say. I easily got through my three sets and really wanted to do extra but skipped it today. The bar felt pretty light on my back, and the squats were mechanical and explosive feeling. I was pleased about how they felt today.

After I completed my squats, it was on to the strict press. For today, I had programmed three sets of five of the shoulder presses at one hundred and twelve pounds. They felt great, and I worked my way though them pretty quickly. I had no issues at all, but I shouldn’t have had any at this weight to begin with.

Next I did my power cleans. I had to do a moderate one hundred and sixty-five pounds for these. I was programmed to do five triples of the power cleans like always. They felt excellent today. I felt like I was moving really well and the bar was just floating its way up to my front rack. I have no clue as to why these have been feeling so good and different lately, but I will take the improvement. I am certainly happy about it.

I relaxed for a little while and allowed my legs a bit of recovery.

Last up for this day, I did street parking’s deadlift program. Today it was two sets of five at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. After those, I had to do three triples at two hundred and sixty-five pounds. These felt excellent today too. They didn’t feel nearly as heavy as I would have expected them to feel with the weight getting up there like it is. I did take my time working through the sets after those heavier back squats earlier in the day.

It was one of those nice days for me in the garage. Everything went perfectly. It wasn’t too hot or humid. There was a pretty nice breeze, and I was just feeling good about everything.

After supper, we finally got to get out and go for a walk again. My girlfriend’s been working longer hours and her schedule is temporarily switched up, so it’s been an adjustment. With the weather today being so perfect and the fact that she doesn’t have to get up early tomorrow, it was the perfect evening for a walk. We only had one car while we were out there. Other than that, it was quiet. No other people near us, and only the sounds of the birds singing and a train at one point. Life is good.

Music For was Dystopia.