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Had A Good Morning Lifting After An Interesting Start To The Day

I had a great night’s sleep. It cooled off fairly nicely after sunset and the fan brought that air in, making me feel pretty good by the time that I was ready to go to sleep. I expected to get woken up by thunderstorms early this morning, but they missed us.

I got up and drank my coffee and watching the line of storms blossom to our east. They formed just east of us this morning. A couple of hours after I woke up, a small cluster of storms formed to our northwest and then just missed us. Another formed and hit is, and that brought some moderately heavy rain and occasional cloud to ground lightning. One strike in particular was extremely close. Not even seeing the bolt, there was a very bright flash and one of the sharpest and most institutions claps of thunder that I have ever heard. It left my ears ringing. I had a slightly off feeling just before that strike. The mailman said it was right overhead when he was walking past our house. I didn’t see what it struck, but it left me having that adrenaline rush type of feeling for quite a while after.

Once that moved well off to the east, so I wasn’t distracted and my nerves settled, I got changed and headed off to do my lifts.

I began with the fairly light back squats at two hundred and ten pounds for five sets of five. They felt great, and I learned quickly that I was able to have good focus today. I didn’t know whether I’d be able to or not. They felt easier today than they should have for the weight. My legs are feeling tired from all the lunges that I did yesterday plus the deep lunges for the turkish get-ups, but I was still moving well enough today.

Bench press was up next. Today I had to do three sets of five of the lifts at a fairly heavy weight for me since the shoulder thing last year. The hundred and seventy-five pounds definitely felt pretty heavy, but they were doable. I never felt that I might fail a rep, so that’s good. I lucked out in placing the bench at the right spot and not on an angle too, which was helpful. To play it safe, I took a longer rest than I needed to between these sets to see how my arm was feeling and all, but still, they felt great.

Finally, I did my good mornings. Again, I stuck with the hundred and twenty pounds for these, and they felt great. I quickly worked my way through my three sets of ten. I don’t really have much to say about these other than that I did them. It’s highly doubtful that I’ll never be aggressive with this lift.

I drank my protein then put my shit away and just relaxed for a while on the computer tweaking my weather short code for hugo.

About an hour or so after dong my normal strength, I was feeling pretty good and energetic still, so I went and did my Street Parking deadlift program for this week. For that, I did two sets of five deadlifts at two hundred and forty pounds. After that, I did the three triples at two hundred and seventy pounds. This week these felt lighter and easier than last time, and they’re five pounds heavier! The only issue I had while doing the sets of three was that I had to let go and regrip the bar a couple of times. It is just so humid today, it was like trying to hold on to wet ice the with the way my hands were sweating.

The deadlifts ended up feeling excellent today. They didn’t even feel heavy. As a matter of fact, just after I typed the previous sentence, I added the weights up again that I used to make sure I didn’t miscalculate. They were fast and explosive off the floor and all the way up to my lockout.

Music for my strength Pearl Jam.