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I Did Today's Strength And Bro Session, That's All I Can Say About It

Poor sleep. Noisy vehicles and that strange temperature where I couldn’t quite get comfortable led to pretty crappy sleep last night. It was too warm but too chilly to have the fan on. Too warm under the blankets but chilly without them. To add to it the air just felt damp. I slept but not that great.

I woke up feeling pretty run down and had to wait until later than I normally do for my lifting as we had to go to the grocery stores for the week. Turns out I would have had time beforehand but I didn’t do it then. I also had to get my hair cut today because it was overdue. By the time we got done with the stores I was over the day. it’s amazing how much people annoy me.

I started off by doing my front squats for my three sets of five at 210 pounds. They felt heavy as hell today. They looked okay but felt crushing as hell. I think I was over thinking it a bit after my foot slipped forward last time but I did get through them on this day without a repeat performance at least. I did nothing extra and worked my way through them as quickly as I could since it was already getting close to 1 pm. My foot’s feeling week today after I stepped very awkwardly on the edge of the curb walking around the car to get into it too so that made things feel worse yet.

I passed on the what would have been fairly heavy strict presses since I’d be also doing presses with the dumbbells during our bro session right after I finished this. Normally I have more time in between but today I had to rush so we could go get supper.

Next up were the power cleans for five triples at 170 pounds. It’s a pretty heavy weight for me with not dropping the bar but I got through them and they looked great. They felt pretty heavy but the video didn’t show that at all. I guess if I had to pick something I was happy with it was with the way these looked. Very explosive lifts with nice super fast elbows. I did have the one awkward one where I over pulled ans smashed the shit out of my throat. I like to joke that I don’t even have a thyroid to abuse as an extra layer of protection.

Music for my strength and WOD was Alkaloid

The bro shit was challenging but felt pretty decent. To be fair I did push the weight again this session. I did use the fifty pound dumbbells for bench and skull crushers. I dropped off the the 40s for shoulder presses and curls. I was happy with it. I passed on the shrugs as I wasn’t feeling it at all today.

Music for the bro session was Nightwish.

The girlfriend was feeling a bit off and didn’t even finish the bro session so we ended up skipping Joy’s this week. We did how ever get Harvey’s BBQ to bring home. Man, I forgot how good their BBQ is! I ate that and drank apple cider with spiced rum with supper and really enjoyed both.

At least our walk was nice this evening.