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My Lifts All Felt Great This Morning

I was once again feeling tired this morning. I didn’t sleep nearly enough having gone to bed pretty late and then waking up early at 4:30 AM. It was raining and that can either relax me or annoy me and cause me to wake up. Today of course it was one of the times it was going to annoy me so I just got up and drank my coffee.

I enjoyed my coffee and relaxed a bit this morning until Brooke got dropped off. I had fun with her as I always do. She’s such a good kid and kids having fun just always brightens my day. Once her bus left I came home and ate some oatmeal and let it digest a bit before heading out into the garage.

I started out my day’s lifting as I normally do with the back squats. I had to do three sets of five of them today at 230 pounds. The weight is getting up there for me now. To add to that with me feeling so tired today it felt even heavier to me than it should have but at the same time it somehow felt great. They were super deep squats today and looked just about perfect. They felt so good that I went ahead and did five sets of them with no problems at all.

Next up I did my bench press. I did just my three sets of five of them at the lighter end of things at 155 pounds. My arm/shoulder felt good the whole time and didn’t give any issues at all. I was going to do more but then I decided against it with the WOD that I planned on doing later having 100 deficit pushups in it. I didn’t do the WOD but I will tomorrow. I am just really thankful that my shoulder’s been feeling better with the benching.

Good mornings were last for three sets of ten at 120 pounds. It felt good to get back the the heavier weight. They felt great and as if I could do more weight again. Last time I went a bit lighter because I wasn’t feeling it.

I guess that minor twinge that I had in my back is gone. I didn’t think it was anything but I was cautious with it. I haven’t done my twenty rep squats or deadlift program this week because of that. I think it was from an awkward sneeze. Getting into your mid 40s sucks. 😆 I had done a WOD yesterday with lots of deadlifts and kept them lighter than I normally would have because of that.

After I completed my strength I grabbed the cushions and took them on out the patio chair to collect some nice vitamin D. The suns is feeling really good and strong in the afternoon even with it being in the mid 40s wand breezy.

Music today was Rainbow