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Lots Of Good Lifting This Monday Morning

Yesterday I slept in until after 6 and today I slept til after 5. I woke up feeling really well rested for a change. Who knew my brain was even capable of the 8 hours of sleep it allowed me yesterday. I don’t remember the last time that happened.

I drank my coffee and waited for Brooke to get dropped off. Right after her school bus picked her up I came home and got ready to do my strength for the day.

The morning began with my back squats for the three sets of five at 225 pounds. They felt great and easy today. I didn’t do extras because I wanted to do my twenty reps later today. It didn’t take that much rest between my sets and they were just text book squats. They did feel a bit slower today but didn’t look it at all. My legs in general are fleeing slower today, even just walking to the bus stop. I guess they’re just not recovered from Friday’s lunges or Saturday’s heavier deadlifts.

next up I did my bench press at 160 pounds to for three sets of five. The warm ups felt good and the working sets felt pretty good. Once again my arm didn’t really protest either. I took a longer rest between sets than I thought I needed to and in the end it worked out with my successfully completing all of my sets with not even a twinge. I was really happy today with how these felt. I don’t feel that I am pressing mostly from my dominate side anymore.

Good mornings were up next for my three sets of ten at 120 pounds. They weren’t anything special or different from what I’ve been doing lately. I took my time and worked through the sets trying to make them just look good.

I was originally going to eat my lunch and drink my protein and relax a little while before jumping into my twenty rep squats for this week but I was feeling really good so I just through 115 pounds on the bar and did my warm up set to see how they felt. I mean my legs are already warmed up but I like to make sure they feel okay with a lighter weight when it comes to the twenty reps. They felt great.

I moved on to my working set today at 210 pounds. Certainly not a heavy weight for me for these twenty reps. I actually got through the set pretty quickly with not too much of a burn in my legs. My heart rate of course got way up. Ironically enough as I unracked the bar Motorheads’s “God Was Never On Your Side” song came on. Really was a fitting song for the mentally challenging twenty rep squats because as an atheist it’s how I always feel. It’s just me versus gravity with nothing else interfering. The twenty reps really did feel easy today though and looked great. Every rep from the first to the last was identical and very explosive.

Finally I did this week’s deadlift program from street parking since it’s still pretty light. I only had to do two sets of five at 205 pounds then three triples at 240 pounds. They all felt great. Very easy and explosive reps with these deadlifts today. They really did feel much easier than they should have for the weight and after the other stuff I did.

Music today’s lifting was Motorhead.

I wound up not doing a WOD after all today. My legs were just too tired and then time got away from me as it usually does.

We did get to go for a nice walk after supper. It’s been a while but the weather was more cooperative for a walk this evening. There wasn’t much traffic and that made for a quiet and peaceful walk. When we were nearly home it started drizzling so that cut it fairly close.