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Lifting Went Surprisingly Well After Tough Double WODS Yesterday

I Woke up tired today with somewhat achy knees and hips this morning. It’s my own fault for doubling up on WODS yesterday that both involved many deadlifts and hang cleans and burpees over the bar.

I didn’t kill myself on the WODS really as it’s been a while since I used a barbell for the WOD but I did push it a bit, especially for the second WOD I did. The first WOD I did had sets of forty deadlifts and hang cleans separated by burpees over the bar. For that one I used the RXed weight of 95 pounds. Big sets and somewhat shredded hands I thought I’d take the most conservative approach for this one. I made it just under the time cap. The weight was the easy part. Burpees over the bar or any other object for that matter tend to slow me down.

The second WOD yesterday had smaller sets of deadlifts and hang power cleans so I went with the low end of the RX+ weight for a change and did 115. In some ways I miss the WODS being much heavier like they were in the old gym but at the same time I can always go heavier if I want to. The RX pushed me a bit in the past but not any more so the only reason I have to up the weights if for myself. It was nice to take the little nudge today. Again the deadlifts and hang cleans were no problem at all. I didn’t make the time goal due to my foot catching the bar on the second round of burpees. It is what it is, I cannot control my vision.

Today’s agenda for strength started with back squats at a moderate (for sets of 5) 225 pounds. I picked away at them and got through them with no difficulties. My knees and hips started out pretty achy but that improved as I progressed through the sets. There was no for breakage so I pushed through the earlier sets.

The next thing was strict press. I did five sets if five of these at 107 pounds. It felt really easy today even though my left wrist is giving me shit from banging the joint on the rower the other day getting the 50 pound dumbbells out that are stored against the wall beside it. This weight used to be challenging for me to rep out but now it’s a non issue.

Finally I had power cleans to do. They were a nice lightish 155 pounds today for five sets of three. They went really quite well considering my legs feel like dead weight. I did attempt the press the 155 the first set but that wasn’t happening today. Just a little too much pressure on the wrist but the cleans themselves were very fast and explosive. They always feel fast and explosive until their not though. I should be good up to 180-190 pounds I’m guessing at this point.

The music choice today was Atheist!