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Holy Lactic Acid For The WOD I Did This Morning

I slept great again last night. Unlike yesterday, though, I woke up feeling good and refreshed. That was a nice surprise because yesterday walking around the house felt like a chore.

I drank my coffee while surfing the web a bit this morning, then hopped on the Xbox for a little while to kill time. I wanted to take advantage of feeling good and get out to the garage early this morning to get my lifts and a workout in.

I got out there shortly after the mailman left and worked on my strict presses. These felt a little tougher today than they normally would as I was warming up. Luckily, they did begin to feel better as I moved up in weights. The final set was the AMRAP for one rep plus. I only made one at one hundred and forty-five pounds today, but that was more my wrist bugging me a bit. I also kept hitting the rack during the earlier reps, so that was in my head. Another problem is that, I guess, it wasn’t lined up quite right. It was nothing special for my lifting today, but it also wasn’t a bad day.

I relaxed for a short while, hunting for a WOD to do. I remembered one that I’ve done several times that’s always a good workout, so dug through my favorites for it. Another reason I chose this one is that I knew it would be a slightly longer one, which is precisely what I wanted.

The workout consisted of twenty five back squats then row five hundred meters then rest. Then twenty squats plus the row and rest and so on down to five squats.

Since the bar was already loaded with the hundred and forty-five pounds from my presses, I went with that weight, which fell right in the middle of the extra challenge weight. I knew I could do it. I knew it was going to be tougher than the ninety-five or hundred and fifteen pounds that I normally use, but I wanted to challenge myself a little more today anyway.

My legs were on fire by the middle of that first set of twenty-five squats. At that point, I knew it was going to be a lactic acid WOD and that’s just what it turned out to be. I got through all the sets of squats unbroken, with just a breather here and there. I did have some trouble syncing my breath this morning. The squats never felt heavy, but my legs were screaming no more at me. That only continued and got even more intense with the row. The minute of rest didn’t do much for recovery today. My heart rate didn’t get super high either. It was more the fire in my legs (especially my quads) that slowed me down.

It was a good and effective WOD that was not overly complicated. It kept me moving even when my body was screaming no more at me. It’s so unusual for my legs to burn like that. Really, the only time that they did it was when I did heavy twenty-rep squats. Another thing that does it , sprinting with a heavy sled. It felt like my legs didn’t even want to support my weight, but of course, they could.

Music for the WOD was Candlemass