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Heavy Squats Felt Excellent Again This Morning

I had a weird night of sleep last night, for sure. I slept great when I slept, but around 2:00 AM or so I woke up feeling my throat felt as if it was clogged from crap dropping out of my nose. That was when I got up and drank a bunch of water and took my thyroid pill. I sat on my chair for a bit to make sure that I wasn’t going to be coughing anymore, so I didn’t wake up my girlfriend. I was fine, so I went back to bed. When I woke up again, I had that same feeling. It must be all the pollen around right now. I don’t have allergies, but the pollen can irritate me a bit.

I drank my coffee while waiting for Brooke to come. Updated the packages on my FreeBSD and Firefox was broken. I quickly did a bit of research I found that I could just update the ports and build it myself, and it would be fine, and it was. It’s not often that something breaks like that on FreeBSD and not be my fault, but it can always be fixed whether it’s my fault or not.

When Brooke was here, only about twenty minutes today we played the dump the Dominos on each other game, and she had me fill up the bin and dump it on her. She was ready to go to the bus stop when she saw the little bus go past that goes before we leave. She’s a good kid.

Shortly after taking her to the bus stop, I got changed and headed off to make the long trek to the gym. It was hard opening the door today. I wanted to get out there before the sun came out, and it got too warm. It was fairly cool and damp this morning when I did my stuff.

Once she left, I got changed and headed into the garage gym to do my strength for the day. I wanted to get to those heavy back squats early today before I had time to contemplate it and maybe set myself up for failure. I had to do three sets of five at two hundred and fifty-five pounds. Already, I had enough doubts from my back being a little achy last night from all of those dumbbell deadlifts. It turns out it felt good once I got moving with some weight for my warm-up squats. I slowly worked my way up in weight, maybe a little slower than normal, but they were feeling excellent. I loaded the bar to my working weight, and the fucking neighbor decided to mow the other neighbor’s postage stamp sized yard with a huge riding mower. Ridiculously loud and distracting to say the least.

The squats felt really excellent for me today. Even though it was a fairly heavy weight for me to be doing five at a time and the fact that I am just feeling completely run down, they looked just great. I took plenty of time to rest between my sets and hoped that the mower would move away from our garage before the second set, and it did. Back to my peace and quiet while lifting! The rest of the sets felt and looked even better. It only felt like a moderate weight. I’ve second guessed that I calculated the plates correctly more than once today because of how relatively easy the squats felt.

Next up I had the moderately heavy strict presses. For today, these were at one hundred and seventeen pounds for three sets of five. Even with it being a somewhat heavier weight for me, they felt good today. I easily made it through my sets.

Finally, for today, I had my moderate weight power cleans. For these, I had five triples at a hundred and sixty-five pounds. They felt surprisingly good for how much my legs felt like dead weight. I did end up taking a longer rest between sets than I normally would have to help my legs recover a bit more after those heavy squats. There was never a thought that I would fail a rep. I just wanted to be recovered and do good, solid reps, and that’s what happened.

It turned out to be a great day for me in the garage!

Music today was A Pale Horse Named Death