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Did My Lifts And A Longer Endurance WOD This Morning

I woke up feeling pretty great this morning. I was ready to attack my lifts at 6:00 this morning. I didn’t because I don’t want to be that asshole neighbor but I felt like I could have. Instead I scrolled through the interwebs and drank my coffee.

About nine AM is when I decided it was a fair time to head out to the garage to do my lifts. I saw the neighbor leave so I knew if the other one was home they were likely awake. I began the day with my back squats at 225 pounds. That’s not really a heavy weight for me so I knew the programmed three sets of five would be no issue at all. I took my time with them and easily worked made my way through the three sets and then added in two more sets for a little extra work. The squats weren’t feeling heavy and looked and felt great so why not right? I was really happy with how they went today. I didn’t take them slower because I felt I had to. I was just feeling really good today and wanted to take the time to enjoy my favorite lift of all.

Bench press was up next. I was set to do three sets of five at 165 pounds and I made my way through them with no issues. My arm feels weaker still but it doesn’t really hurt to press anymore so I will just keep at the bench press and strict press and a conservative pace and try to get that strength built back up. I feel like I am ready to slowly make some progress in benching again soon if not now.

Good mornings were last and these felt surprisingly good too. I fairly easily worked my way through my three sets of ten with no issues. I used 120 pounds for these.

I relaxed just a few minutes then decided to jump right into a WOD. The one that was programmed for today is one I didn’t have much interest in doing with wall walks. They shouldn’t be in a WOD for one and I don’t have a great place to do them here. Instead I did a longer endurance WOD for something different. I think it was 5 rounds of row 1250 meters with 5 minutes rest between rounds and then 3 rounds of row 400 with some rest between. I took it slower than I should have bbut I really thought those rounds of 1250 would catch up with me more than they did. I didn’t want to burn out early. It felt good to do something a bit longer than the normal high intensity WOD. It’s good to mix it up sometimes I think.

All in all I would have to call it a pretty good day in the garage gym. I feel good about what I did including the endurance which I’m not a fan of in anyway. I feel like I earned my supper and drinks from Joy’s tonight.

Music for today was Candlemass.