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I Knew Today Was Going To Be Rough In The Garage Gym

My foot is still a bit achy from the running WOD the other day. I had gotten a stone or something in it and kept running and power snatching anyways.

The other factor is I can guarantee I haven’t eaten enough the past few days to cover what I have been doing in the garage. I’ve been eating like a pig but that’s not been enough. My appetite has been just purely ravenous but my stomach is filling up to fast.

Today I had to start with front squats at 220 pounds. It feels heavy to me but if you look back at the video it doesn’t look all that difficult. The fact that I am not used to the bar touching my throat, or at least close enough my brain thinks it is doesn’t help mattes. I’ve not front squatted too often the past couple of years but I do know from my past experiences once I get more used to it they’ll get easier. It’s more a brain thing than a pure strength thing at this moment but it’s been feeling good and my form has looked great. My upper back doesn’t seem to want to round like it did in the past.

Next up was bench press for three sets of five at a fairly heavy for me 180 pounds. These were pretty tough today but I did make them without any issues. I don’t mean tough as in close to failing. Just tough in that your body doesn’t want you to complete the reps.

Finally I did my good mornings at 95 pounds today. Even these were a little more challenging than past sessions but they weren’t bad at all.

I also decided to do my weighted pull up EMOM today. I did it a bit different this time though. I lowered the weight down to a 25 pound plate and did two a minute for 20 minutes. I would say that at least seventy-five percent of the pull ups were chest to bar. I felt pretty good about it.

Music for today was Overkill!