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My Lifts Were Great Early In The Morning Then Smashed A WOD In The Evening

I didn’t have a lot of time this morning to get my strength done before the grand kids were coming. We had to baby sit them for a while today but it was fun. It was very warm and humid this morning then just pretty hot and dry later in the afternoon.

I started out today with the front squats. These were light for me at 185 pounds but they felt fast and explosive. Given that they were so light and I only had about an hour to work with time wise I flew through these three sets of five with only about a minute’s rest period between sets. Typically I like to take my time but today I just wanted to get done.

Next up were the strict presses at a moderate 110 pounds. They felt lighter today than they should have felt and weren’t really an issue for me. As I did with the earlier front squats I worked through the strict presses very quickly, only taking about a minute or so of rest between sets.

Next up were the rather light power cleans at 155 pounds. These felt great today. I was super explosive with them and needed only a minute or so of rest between the five sets of three.

After the kids left and we ate supper we watched the Street Parking vault announcement. Molly likes to watch them. The WOD was basically Isabel then row 1000 meters then do Grace.

I really liked the idea of the WOD a lot. It was sort of like a Crossfit WOD. It gave me a great reason to pick up a barbell which I don’t really keep the fact that I love doing that a secret.

I decided to give that WOD a shot right after watching them do it and eating greasy Dominoes pizza. I had no idea what weight would be appropriate for me to use for this. I did know that the power snatches for the first part would be at least for me the limiting factor so I took a more conservative approach and did it with only 75 pounds. Shortly into the first part I became well aware of the fact that I should have gone a bit heavier but that’s okay. I just went faster and ended up on the lower end of the time goals. The snatches took me maybe two and a half minutes to complete. The rest of the WOD I don’t know what the times were since it was so hot and dry today and I was sweating my ass off and maintaining a heart rate in the 170 ball park.

I didn’t realize how quickly I was cycling the snatches until I looked at the video afterwards. It was a good day and a good WOD.

It was pretty nice to have the windows open today with the nice wind blowing through with a very dry mid 70s afternoon. It’s always a good thing to get rid of some of the stale winter feeling in the house and let fresh air through.

Music for today Poema Arcanus