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Not The Best Or The Worst Day Today In The Garage Gym

I really wasn’t feeling it at all today from the time I woke up. It was just one of those type of days where I would have much rather sat around on my ass than to go out into the garage. I eventually did head out to do my lifts and a WOD. I don’t think I ate enough yesterday. Oh well, there will be days like this and sometimes it’s just about doing the best you can do on this day.

Beginning with my front squats today the felt and were pretty heavy at 220 pounds for mt 3x5. Never once did it feel like a failure type of heavy but they just felt pretty crushing today. I took a slightly longer rest between sets and they actually looked great. From the video it certainly didn’t look they the were heavy but they absolutely felt it. I did my required sets and nothing more. By the last set I was starting to feel a little better about them at least.

Next up was bench press. Where do I start with this? Even the warm up sets I wasn’t feeling them at all today but I still attempted it. Not terribly so but my arm seems to be a little flared up today so I didn’t want to push it. I aborted on the second rep of my first set at the working weight of 170 pounds. It was a little frustrating to do so but I feel a slight pulling in my arm even though the weight didn’t feel heavy. I just don’t think right now is really the time to push it too much.\

Next up I did the good mornings with 115 pounds for 3x10 today. These good mornings felt surprisingly great today. They looked good too. At least they were a nice surprising given that it’s a heavier weight than I’ve been using for a while and they felt fairly light. I had a nice awesome stretch in my hamstrings too!.

To mix things up I also did some ring dips. I did five sets of ten of them and they felt fairly easy today. I was definitely getting more than a ninety degree elbow with them and never felt close to failure. I like them as an exercise and want to do them more often. I feel like they’ve helped me build much better shoulder control. I can remember the first few times I did them I knew I had the strength but just didn’t have the coordination to control the rings.

Finally I added in five sets of ten slow and controlled ring rows. I do a lot of pull ups and pulls from the floor but not nearly enough horizontal pulling and I think adding these in will help balance that out.

Later on I did today’s WOD. It was one of those that I knew I’d not meet the goal. I wasn’t feeling the pull ups and the single arm devil presses are a new movement for me. I went lighter with them than I needed to using a 25 pound dumbbell and took them a bit slower than necessary to keep thinking through the movements.

The transition between the burpee and power snatch kept throwing me off. My brain was just not wanting to really make that connection for the transition today but regular devil presses with two dumbbells were the same way for me for quite a while. I made sure to make it a point as always with a newer movement to me to use due diligence to set up the snatches. Speed will come with time and practice.

Music for my strength and WOD was Macabre.