Feeling Great Today!

I wasn’t necessarily ready to be awake this morning but I got got woken up regardless by SLAM SLAM! SLAM! SLAM at around 5. I decided to just get up. Too things I don’t understand at all about the neighbors. Number one is why do they constantly let the door slam. Is it too much effort to control the door shutting, especially early in the morning or are they just that dumb? The other thing is why do they have to go in and out dozens of times. Oh well. Hopefully the chain smoking will catch up with them.

I had slept good when I slept so I woke up feeling really refreshed. It helped to spend time with the grandkids and get to spend some time last evening in their pool playing with them. Life is good.

The front squats felt good today. Heavy but good at the three sets of five at 215 pounds. After the fact I noticed that I was supposed to do 220 but its not a big deal. I’ll just be a session behind on them. Any other time I double and triple check when I’m ready to start my working set but of course I failed to do that today. They felt challenging but pretty good so I’m not going to complain.

The bench press felt a bit tough today but felt good. It was a heavier 175 pounds for me. The second set felt the worst. I just felt like maybe I was a little off center or something with them. I got through them but it wasn’t easy!

After completing my bench presses I did my good mornings at a nice moderate 105 pounds for three sets of ten. For what ever unknown to me reason My hamstrings felt more flexible today. Maybe the time in the pool yesterday relaxed them?

After I recovered just a few minutes I decided to go ahead with my 20 rep back squats and see how they felt. It’s been a good month since I did them. I hadn’t failed at them if I remember correctly but I got into a phase where I was really feeling run down so I cut back on what I was doing for a little bit. One week turned into two then more as I just kept forgetting to do them even though I wanted to get back on board with my twenty rep squats.

My original plan for these twenty rep squats today was to start back up at 175 pounds. The warm ups felt great so I thought why not start at 185 pounds and begin at a weight that’s greater than my body weight? I knew I could get through them without an issue as it’s 60 or so pounds under where I was a few months ago. I wasn’t wrong on that assumption. I managed to complete my reps fairly quickly and they felt and looked great. It didn’t feel heavy in the least. Cardio wise it certainly jacked up my heart rate but that was to be expected.

After running out to the country store and me eating lunch we did our bro session. In some ways I was aggressive and in others not so much with the bro lifts. I went lighter with the bench press having done rather heavy benching earlier today with the bar. I went with what I thought was 45 pounds. I did the same with the dumbbell overhead presses. Finally I decided to be aggressive with the bicep curls and at least try the 45s.

It was at the time I started doing the curls when Molly stopped me. That’s when she noticed I had two different dumbbells, a 45 and a 50 pound one. That explains why my one side was feeling a bit weaker today. Oops. I’m surprised I don’t do that more often then I actually do. Normally I double check but today I didn’t .

Music for today was Reverend Bizarre.