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Felt Good About My Garage Gym Session Today

My session for today in the garage gym felt pretty good. It really was feeling better than I expected with it being so humid and also the fact that the air is hazy/smokey from both the humidity and Canadian wildfire smoke. It’s had my throat and nose feeling a little irritated, so I did turn the air conditioner on. I would swear that at times I even got the slight hint of the smell of pine burning.

I began the day with front squats that were on the lighter side at 200 pounds. These felt great, so I did five sets of five with them and worked my way through my sets relatively quickly. With the front squats today, something felt a little different. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was that felt different, but they looked and felt great, so I didn’t concern myself too much with it.

Next up, I had the strict presses at 95 pounds. These felt surprisingly good for me, so I did my five sets, given that they were light and not making my arm feel worse. At times, pressing has made my upper arm angrier, but that wasn’t the case today, so I went on and did the two extra sets.

After the presses, I went on to work on my power cleans. Even though I hadn’t maxed these, I went ahead and reset the weight to build back up and allow myself a little extra recovery time.

Hip thrusts were up next. I did five sets of ten of these using 215 pounds because they felt pretty decent and not all that heavy today. I’ve not done them in a few weeks, so I didn’t want to go too much heavier, instead I just did more sets than I normally do. They felt good today.

I found that doing, of all things, shrugs with the dumbbell seems to lessen a bit of the anger that my upper arm has been having. I have been experimenting a bit with different dumbbell exercises and this seems to help. I did five sets of ten of them with the 50 pound dumbbells.

I also did five sets of 10 curls with the 35 pound dumbbells because we haven’t been doing our bro session a bit with the girlfriend’s sore thumb. Basically, it’s a nonfunctional exercise but who doesn’t want to have guns too, at least to a point. I don’t want my arms to get to the point that it interferes with mobility, but I don’t even eat enough to support that happening even if I wanted it to, plus I’m old.

It’s feeling good getting back into the swing of things with my normal routines after some hiking and maxing a week ago. Yesterday I did double vault WODs!

Music for today was Macabre.