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Lifting Went Great Today While It's Dumping Snow Outside

Today was a great day for my lifts in the garage gym. The heavy snow started dumping just before I was about to head out there to do my lifts. It’s a “garage” but we have a nice sliding glass door rather than a garage door and a fairly big window on the one side, so it’s nice to be able to see outside between sets. It was pleasant to watch the heavy snow and the squirrel poking around in the snow right outside the door, foraging for something to eat. The lifts themselves went surprisingly well for me on this day too, so that was a bonus.

Starting with the pretty heavy three sets of five back squats at 255 today set the tone for how it was going to go. While the weight was heavy for me, none of the reps really felt difficult at all. The last set was a bit mental as I unracked the bar off center, so reracked it and got it centered. In hindsight, I probably ought to have stepped back a few seconds and reset my mind completely, but regardless, I got through it even though lots went wrong. Between the third and fourth rep I rocked back on my heels too much setting up and that made things interesting for sure. Let’s hope the 260 pounds on Wednesday is a bit less eventful.

Next up I had my bench press 160 pounds. That went well today. I didn’t do anything extra after all of yesterday’s overhead stuff with the sandbag WOD (lots of bear complexes) but I did do the originally programmed three sets of five. They felt great. My arms just felt a little tired today so I didn’t want to over do it.

Next up, I did my three sets of ten good mornings at 95 pounds. Finally got into the bigger plates with these. I’ve done this weight before and could have sooner this time around, but absolutely wanted to take my time and have patience with this lift. They looked great and felt easy and nothing happened that shouldn’t have happened.

Finally, I added in my EMOM of weighted pull-ups. I did these at 57.5 pounds today, and they felt excellent. Of course, the last few reps degraded a bit as I got tired, but they didn’t look bad. Just not quite getting my chin over the bar, but from the video they looked close. Hell, they might have still been having my chin over the bar, but it’s hard to tell with the camera looking up a bit and not really having quite enough distance to show it well.

The snow made it nice and bright in the garage, so no lights were necessary today. We ended up getting maybe 4 inches of wet snow before it changed to rain and got above freezing. It was drizzling when I shoveled the snow shortly after doing my lifts.

Music for today was Nevermore.