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Got My Lifts In Much Later Than I Would Prefer Today

It was one of those days. I was up late last night and unable to fall asleep right away. When I finally did fall asleep I didn’t sleep that well at all. My legs were twitching a lot from over using them yesterday I guess.

I got up and drank my coffee before Brooke got dropped off. As always It was great to see her.

The gas company wanted to do a safety inspection. They no showed Monday so I wasted that afternoon waiting. Today they were scheduled from 8:00 AM to noon. I thought that would allow me plenty of time to do my lifts after they left. I was wrong. H showed up at something like 3:20 PM. So I wasted an entire day waiting around when I could have been doing other things. Oh well. Life is too short to sweat it too much. Me being me I of course asked him what he was doing. He showed me leak detector and said they were checking for leaks. He seemed like a very cool guy.

Right after he left I went upstairs and got changed. The back squats were up first. They were a fairly light weight at 210 pounds. They felt really good but heavier than they should have with me being tired. I easily got through my three sets and decided that even though I know I could do extra sets today wasn’t the day to do that. I took minimal rest between my three sets of five squats. They were nothing special but it did feel good to finally get under the bar.

Next up were my heavy strict presses at 125 pounds. I have struggled with this weight since my arm was acting up so I was really curious to see how they would go for my three sets of five. The first set felt great. The second set was a little tougher. I think I was maybe a little out of position on that set. The third and final set felt easy and explosive for it being a heavy weight. Needless to say that made me feel great about them.

Last but not least I had my power cleans. With feeling so tired today my legs twitching so much yesterday and today I lowered my weight to 145 pounds from the 175 pounds that I was programmed to do today. They felt great and Molly said they looked great. One bonus of not doing this in the morning is she was home from work and could watch me. Today I felt like I was hitting the positions just right and had super fast elbows. In hindsight I could most likely have easily done the 175 pounds today but I still believe I made the right choice by not doing that. As an added bonus I strict pressed the weight after my first and last set. The first strict press was a little grindy but I made it. The second strict press at the 145 pounds was easy and a pretty fast lockout. That thrilled me.

I did treat myself to a rum and coke shortly before supper because fuck it! I wanted one.

Music today was Alice In Chains.