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Fun Day Lifting And WODding Today

It was a bit warmer and more humid last night. I woke up to some light rain in the middle of the night. The water was dripping off the roof at just the right interval to annoy me. I did manage to tune it out and go back to sleep.

I got up and finished up some things on the computer and browsing the news a bit while I drank my coffee. It’s so great to just relax and enjoy coffee! I am slowly cleaning up some old files and deduping stuff where I have moved multiple copies to different directories. A great tool for that deduping is fdupes.

I had Brooke again today. She’s back to her old self being all happy and smiling, so whatever was bothering her must have passed. I’m going to miss having her here in the morning to a point. Only one more week of it. After her bus left I came home and quickly got changed to head out into the garage gym to get my work in.

I began my day as always with back squats. These were a moderate weight for me today at two hindered twenty-five pounds. It is that sweet spot where I feel the weight on my back and can’t just go on autopilot. At the same time, it’s light enough that short of an unexpected injury, there’s no way I will fail the weight. I was moving really well with them and quickly worked through five sets of five. It’s good to be back up to a weight where these sets of five are starting to get my heart rate up a little higher than just walking. I guess it’s a good thing that my heart stays pretty low at lighter weights, too, though. Today’s back squats felt and looked great.

The bench press was next on today’s to-do list. It was a moderate weight at one hundred and sixty pounds. Not heavy, but also not light. Just a weight that feels pretty good. They felt good enough today that I bumped it up to five sets of five. I did a better job having the bench centered today for one, and just never felt uneven at all on the bar. I took my time working through my sets, and they all felt good. For being one of my least favorite lifts, they sure were enjoyable today.

Last up for today’s lifting session, today I had the good mornings to do. Again I went with one hundred and fifteen pounds. They felt pretty good. I wasn’t sure with my knee acting up a bit, but I got through them pretty easily.

A little while after I drank my protein, I decided to hunt down a WOD to do for today. I wanted to avoid doing a million burpees over the sandbag or bar with it being so humid. I’d only be slipping around in a tight space.

I settled on a fun one I did a while back that was just back squats and rowing 500 meters with a minute of rest between rounds. Each round, you reduce the back squats by five reps, starting with twenty-five in the first round. I went with A hundred and fifteen pounds. If my knee wasn’t bugging me, I’d have probably gone with one hundred and thirty-five pounds, but today wasn’t the day for that. I think I used the heavier weight last time. I got it done well within the goal time, even with taking it a bit slower with the very high humidity.

It was just an excellent day for me in the home gym!

Music For was Nevermore