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Pretty Heavy Squats Today And They Looked And Felt Great

Today started off great for me. I slept straight through the night. I annoyingly had to wait a while do drink my coffee since I had to take my thyroid pill but a good night’s sleep was well worth it.

I had fun playing with Brooke. We played connect four and of course I let her win a couple of times then I beat her with my eyes closed. I could tell where she was putting the pieces by the sound. She was pissed 😆. She was really excited when she saw that it was snowing because she could catch it on her toungue (she calls it eating it)

The heavy back squats were up first this morning. I did my three sets of five of them at 245 pounds. It’s been quite a while since I have done this weight for sets of five and today I did them pretty easily. It really didn’t even feel all that heavy on my back. I recounted the weight of the plates on the bar multiple times thinking that maybe I forgot to add something or miscalculated but sure enough the bar + 35s + 4 25s + 2 15s adds up to the 245 pounds.

I recorded two out of the three of my sets and they actually looked as great as they actually felt. Last session my knee was bugging me a bit from tripping over one of the shitty sidewalks on our walk but that has gone back to normal today so I had zero hesitation. I forced myself to take a slightly longer rest between sets knowing that it was heavy and even though it didn’t feel it I wanted to allow my legs some recovery. It’s still hard for me to realize that I don’t need to rush here at home like I did in at the gym because I’m not on a schedule. I even considered doing five sets of five at this 245 pounds today but didn’t end up doing so.

Bench felt great. My weight for the bench press today was set at 160 pounds for my three sets of five felt so great with my arm not even really bothering me at all that I added in two for five sets of five. I didn’t have any problems or issues with the bench press at all today except for that one time the plate bumped the j cup. I was able to even finish that set even though that occurred on the first rep. I didn’t even feel as if my right side was doing more of the work like I have been feeling. It just felt more balanced. It’ll take that as a good sign that it’s getting better.

Last up I had to do my three sets of ten good mornings at 120. These too felt pretty good. Not as good as the squats but I am sure it had a lot to do with the fact that my legs are feeling a bit tired now. I was also fighting gas. Good mornings aren’t a good time to have an unexpected fart. I got through them pretty easily at least.

Music today was Opeth