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Heat And Humidity Equals Disappointing Double Failure In My Strength Today

I would be lying if I’d say I am surprised at failing today but I would also be in denial if I would say it still didn’t disappoint me. The reality of it is for me I know summer kills me. It always has affected me even as a small child playing. The cold is something I can tolerate more than most people though.

Today the dew point is back up to the 70 degree area which seems to be where it really starts to rear it’s ugly head in how it adversely influences my ability to stay reasonably cool. I just sweat with no ability to really loose body heat.

Today I did three sets of five back squats at 250 pounds. Last time I failed at 255 on the first set. Today the 250 pounds felt heavy but all things considered it felt great and very explosive. I failed the third rep of the last set. I have over time lifting here at home somehow managed to pick up the ability to have my brain subconsciously fail the lift before I am even failing and today was another one of those cases. Granted I did seem to be a bit off center on the bar judging by my video but the first reps were still smooth.

Not being centered is one of those things I have learned that I will have to sometimes deal with as a result of my visual impairment. I go by feel of the knurling but I still somehow tend to favor one side a bit more. I mean I favor that same side in general as it’s the side with better vision so I suppose it’s just ingrained into my movement patterns do the the poor vision. At least that’s my theory and I am sticking with it. I do try to overcome it and have made great strides but it’s still a work in progress and have accepted I may never be able to fully overcome it.

The presses felt pretty good but pretty heavy at 117 pounds. The form on those continues to improve. They’ll probably always be a weak point for me but we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

I was to do five sets of three power cleans at 185. I failed (clarked) the first set’s third rep. I should’ve used chalk as I think the bar was starting to slip making the pull feel off. I thought about resetting and trying again but I thought maybe I shouldn’t do that since my knee has been a little wonky since I popped weird when I sat weird the other day. Next time I get to this weight I’ll be more acclimated too the heat than I was today so that will be a nice bonus. It’s not a sprint but more like a marathon to get stronger.

I also think I need to start eating more calories.