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I Can Still Do Box Jumps

Back when we went to a Crossfit gym I loved doing box jumps onto a box. Onto plates didn’t work because of my poor vision and small target but onto a box I loved doing them. There’s something primal and fun about jumping onto things. Who doesn’t remember wanting to jump onto things as a kid.

Since we’ve been doing Street parking here at home I very rarely do actual jumps because my failure mode tends to be going over the box or off the side if I am not lined up right. Both of them end up with me essentially rolling. Our garage is too tight of a space to do that. Smacking my head on the rower or rack wouldn’t feel too good and wouldn’t be giving any benefits whatsoever to my fitness.

I did next week’s SP vault WOD today and it had lots of box jump over s and push presses. I decided today I was going to do the entire WOD with jumping rather than the step up overs that I have been keeping myself to doing here at home. I kept the presses a bit lighter with the dumbbells today with my shoulder flaring a bit yesterday so I could just do strict presses and have tighter control of the weight. With push pressing I tend to over press and it pulls my arm up a bit.

The jumps went really well for me today with no close calls at all. I only used the twenty inch side of the box though because 24 inches has my hair sort of brush the insulation on the ceiling. I don’t need any distractions with high reps of jumping. I really did enjoy the WOD and of course the jumping and really do wish I could have the confidence to do them safely more often.

I normally don’t do them here because the risk of me being visually impaired really doesn’t out weigh the benefits enough to do them that often. I think I will try to do them a little more often though. It really can be a little bit unnerving jumping onto an object that you can’t really see with poor depth perception in a fairly tight space.

Music for the WOD went along with the Norse theme of the vault so it was Einherjer again.