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Strength Really Surprised Me Today And Went

Last Saturday I rushed through my lifts and we went to visit one of the grandkids. After that since it was on the way home we went for a short hike and a few caches at Governor Dick. We can’t really waste the chances to pass up on the nice days like Saturday was. We really couldn’t have asked for a nicer afternoon for a hike. Well I could have with the sun filtering through the trees I couldn’t really see shit. Regardless of that it’s nice to get out in the woods. Unfortunately at one point I didn’t even see a mossy rock on the trail and my foot slipped out from under me rolling my ankle. I didn’t fall. While my ankle had been a little pissed we went another three or so miles.

Yesterday I thought it would be wise to take a rest day so I did that. Today It doesn’t feel swollen anymore so I gave my strength a try. It really surprised me and all the lifts felt really good. Yesterday my sock and especially my shoe did feel a little bit tight on my foot. I guess it was a little swollen. It also felt somewhat weak.

Front squats began the day with a thankfully light 200 pounds for three sets of five. I thought these front squats might have been a bit tougher on my ankle but they didn’t bother it at all. I quickly worked my way through my really nice looking deep front squats. They felt good enough for me today that I went ahead and through in two extra sets for five sets of five. I don’t know why but I have really learned to just love doing front squats.

Next up I had my strict presses. I was supposed to do three sets of five of them at 117 pounds today. Continuing with the past my arm is feeling even better today. It didn’t feel all that much weaker than my dominate right arm did so that made it a bit easier of a decision to challenge my self a little bit and go for five sets of five at the 117 pounds. They felt great today.

Finally for my strength this morning I moved onto my deadlifts. I did five singles today at 275 pounds. I thought it would be best to not over do these deadlifts with my ankle and given the fact that they were at a weight that’s more on the heavier side of things for me. They felt great and looked even better on the videos that I took. I definitely find these heavier days for deadlifts to be far more mentally rewarding. There’s just something about pulling heavy weights off the floor. It’s just you against gravity.

It was one of those strength days for me where everything just ended up feeling pretty good. I wasn’t in a rush to get it done so it was just taking my time and enjoying it. These are the best kinds of days in the garage gym to me.

Music for my strength was Saint Vitus.

Later in the afternoon just before we did our bro session I went ahead and did this week’s twenty rep back squats. It was a fairly light weight at 170 pounds so I was as aggressive as I was comfortably (form wise) able to be speed wise. I was doing three squats a breath or so until the last five. It was light so I was obviously successful with them but it felt great to me to just go as fast as I could for a change.

Shortly after I did my squats we did our bro session. I was definitely happy with that today. I pushed myself at points with the weights again. Like the last session I did my dumbbell bench press and skull crushers with the 50 pound dumbbells. They felt even better today.

I also pushed myself again with the shoulder presses by using the 40s. They felt great today. I made sets of ten each round. I had no intention of doing the larger sets but I felt I could do them so I did. I was planning on it being more of a test out some heavier weights again sort of day so I thought maybe sets of five would be good. I also used the 40s for the curls and made sets of 10, 9 and 10 with them. That middle set the dumbbell just started slipping out of my hand a bit so I sat it down.

It was just a good feeling of progress today for the bro shit in both strength and that my arm is getting itself back to normal.

Music for the bro session was Soundgarden.