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Better Than Expected With Bench Press Today

Last night, I just didn’t sleep well. I definitely didn’t sleep long enough, either. My girlfriend was up working on something, and I was trying to help her with it. When she went to sleep, she slept on my arm. It was fine at first, but when I woke up, I felt like my elbow was almost hyperextended. Not wanting to wake her up, I let it go. It also put my shoulder in an awkward position.

When I got up, it felt okay, but there was residual soreness, as should be expected. I did enjoy my coffee. I was exhausted, but I felt okay. The fresh air was chilly but nice coming in through the open windows this morning and especially last night. I spent some time browsing the web and stuff, but I wanted to get my bench press and a WOD in early before I didn’t feel like it.

About 8:00 AM or so, I got changed and headed into the garage to do my bench press. I didn’t know how it was going to work out for me today with my elbow, but I figured I would give it a try. This morning was a keep my hopes and expectations low kind of day and just go with what my body says about it. Anything was better than nothing.

Even with just the empty bar, I was feeling a little odd in my right elbow, but just like it was overstretched, which is what happened, I think. I took my time and worked my way up through the weights. The working sets felt fine.

The final AMRAP set for this morning called for three plus reps and a hundred and sixty pounds. The weight was thankfully not heavy for today; otherwise, I wouldn’t have attempted it. The set felt okay. Not great, but not causing any pain either, so I ended up completing five reps at that weight. I could have done more too! I was happy with it because of the way I felt today.

I chose a simple and fairly easy workout to do this morning. Given my tiredness, I wanted to get a WOD in right after the bench press in case I didn’t feel up to a workout after cutting the grass. There were only push-ups, fake jump roping, and unweighted lunges to do. I got the upper end of the goal time, but I just wanted to do something today. Another thing I thought was a good idea for this day was avoiding weight, especially pressing. It was just a workout. Nothing special. Just movement. It didn’t get my heart rate up that much because of the movements, but it did seem to make my elbow feel a little looser, along with my shoulder. It was not bad for a day like today, which was more about just doing something.

I got the grass done then relaxed on the patio for a bit in the sunshine

Music for today was Alice In Chains.