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Back To My Normal Strength Workouts Now

I did my Crossfit total the other day and while I didn’t make any PRs doing it I was happy with how I did. I rested from lifting yesterday so I decided and slept well last night so i decided to get right back into it it today rather than waiting a day or two like I’d originally planned. I did lower all of the weight’s back down which in today’s case the only thing I had to lower was the strict press.

My back squats felt great today as opposed to the day I did the single where my knee was somewhat achy and it was also a bit achy still yesterday when I did a WOD with dumbbell squats in it. Today thankfully it felt great so I was able to very quickly work through my three sets of five back squats at 190 pounds today. They were easy as hell today.

Given the light weight and the fact that I felt good I also did my 20 rep back squats for the week. The weight for these just so happened to be at 190 pounds, the same as I was doing anyways so why not? I thought they would fell heavy but I was wrong. I easily got through all 20 reps and they were all fast and mechanical like reps. Just very consistent and solid reps that looked almost like a machine was doing them which is why I described them as mechanical. Just nice good solid reps. Saving a bad day now I am feeling pretty confident I’ll pass the match and pass my 20 rep max of 200 pounds in a couple of weeks.

The strict presses were a light 95 pounds today but that’s not a bad thing. I did tough heavy ones a couple of days ago not to mention a shit ton of overhead work with dumbbells and hand stand stuff in the pats few days so it was nice to have a lighter day now.

Finally I started with day one to have a clean slate so that meant deadlift day! For these I did five sets of three deadlifts at only 235 pounds but they were solid, fast, mechanical reps and required very little rest between sets. I took maybe a minute or so between sets as that’s all I had the patience for today.

The music today was Candlemass but I more less tuned it out and was deeply focused on my lifting.