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Deadlifts Still Going Strong

I am continuing with my starting strength and still going strong with the deadlifts. Last week’s deadlifts felt pretty slow and grindy.. Per the video the form was still good and saw no reason no to finish the set so I did but I strongly suspected this week would be the week I fail at the prescribed weight. Don’t get me wrong I was hopeful I would get through them but I kept the realistic expectation in the back of my mind that I’d have to discontinue and restart at a lower weight.

I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I make it through them this week at 275 pounds but they were explosive and fast! I still haven’t had to mix my grip either whereas in the past I usually would have to around this weight. The video I took of one or two of them showed my back remaining flat too! That was a problem with me for a long time but somehow I managed to learn how to clean that up over time. It was one of those weird things that I knew I did it but I didn’t have the proprioception to know when I was doing it. I sort of have it now but I still worry about it.

Last summer I could rep 300 pounds from a deficit but I was really working on deadlifts then but until beginning starting strength it’s been a half a year or more since I’ve done heavier ones so I am trying to keep realistic expectations. I was also fatter then and eating more. Let’s be real, I was pretty fat. I like food and was drinking a bit too much and not exercising enough.

The squats and presses went pretty well today. They’re both light because I had to reset but a positive is a positive. I was still feeling a bit tired from not enough sleep the night before. We also knocked out and older sandbag WOD but it didn’t count towards our total since we’ve already done it but it was a great workout and that’s the real purpose of doing this.