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Great Lunchtime In The Garage Today

I had a wonderful night’s sleep last night. It was a fairly dry day yesterday and night last night with no humidity whatsoever, and the temperature got into the fifties last night. I have not slept that good in a very long time. Even my Garmin watch recognized that I slept great and gave me a sleep score of 95. That’s the highest I have ever seen for me.

I drank my coffee and ate some oatmeal this morning now that we’ve picked up the banana nut oatmeal that I like. Giant stopped carrying that flavor, and we haven’t remembered to check at Stauffers yet. The girlfriend happened to stop into a grocery store on the way home from work that had my oatmeal, so grabbed me some. I fucked around doing odd little shit on my computer today and eventually around lunchtime made it out into the garage.

The front squats that I began with felt pretty good for a moderate weight of 210 pounds. They felt a bit heavier weight wise than they really should have, but it wasn’t a problem to complete my three sets of five of them. I felt like I was moving well and all the important things. They were just a little tougher than they should have. Not tough as in near failure or anything like that, just maybe a little slower than they should have been, or at least that’s how they felt. My legs are just feeling tired and weak today, and I don’t know why. I took a little longer of a rest between sets than I normally would, and made it a bit longer than I thought I had to.

The bench presses at 160 pounds for three sets of five went well. They felt relatively good today. It seems my elbow isn’t as inflamed as it had been, so that’s helping me get through the bench. They’re far from my favorite lift to do, but I do them for some balance.

The good mornings felt a little tougher today at the 105 pounds, but that goes along with my legs just feeling weak today. I did them with maybe a little longer of a rest between sets, but was successful.

Finally, I did my twenty reps back squats because I’m just feeling so ambitious today. No, I’m not really feeling that way at all, but I did them anyway. I had to do the 20 reps at 210 today, which as the other stuff felt a bit heavier than it should have. It even felt heavy just standing there with the barbell racked on my back. I ignored it and started my reps.

It was around my tenth rep in that my legs really started feeling it. They had almost uncontrollable shakiness going on, and it was difficult to get control of them and focus. The mental argument going on in my head was the real challenge. On one side, my brain is saying it’s too hard, just rerack it and walk away. In the other side, my brain was saying in our old coach Steph’s voice,“Don’t be a bitch. Pick that shit up and squat it.” Steph one out and I completed my twenty reps.

I recorded a video of it, as I always do unless I forget, just as a way to keep an eye on my form. They actually looked great. No sloppy reps, no degradation as the reps went on. It really surprised me. I didn’t feel any sloppy reps, but I figured for sure that my technique weakened by the way I was feeling.

Music for today was Alice In Chains.