Twenty Rep Squats And Regular Strength Felt Amazing Today

I slept better last night than the past couple of nights since there were only a few early fireworks last night. I’m not complaining about them like so many people do, I’m simply stating a fact. It’s also a fact that Most if not all of the fireworks I’ve been hearing aren’t legal as their not 150 feet from a building but the cops don’t bother to enforce it so it is what it is.

It’s a hot one today. Strangely it doesn’t feel too bad though like it did last week. It’s about the same temperature and humidity ball park as a week ago but it just isn’t feeling as soul crushing. It feels almost tolerable. I still turned on the air conditioner in the garage to do my strength but at least it helped today.

I began the day with my front squats at 205 pounds. I did three sets of five of these squats and they really felt great today. They felt really great today like I was moving with very natural ease. The bar felt much lighter than it was. I just knew it was going to be a great squatting day when Disturbing The Priest came on for my first working set of FS. It’s really not a heavy weight for me to be front squatting or anything so it shouldn’t feel bad but it still would have been a tough weight to rep out in the old Crossfit gym when front squats always felt awkward to me. I was able to work through the sets pretty quickly too!

After the front squats I moved on to the bench press. I did three sets of five of the benching at 175 pounds. These bench presses felt shockingly good today considering my left arm, upper left arm has really been protesting a lot with benching but today it was hardly there. The bar felt fairly light for the heavyish weight that it is for me and I got through my sets fairly quickly with minimal rest today.

Next up I completed my three sets of ten good mornings with 115 pounds. These felt different today. Not better or worse but just a little different like they were loading my glutes a bit differently than normal. They felt and looked good, there was just a deeper stretch with them.

After recovering a little bit I thought I would give my twenty rep squats a go for this week, picking up where I left off a few weeks ago before I rolled my ankle. It’s been feeling good and that’s the only reason I’ve been hesitant to do my 20 reps.

For my twenty rep set today I had to do 215 pounds and It felt great. I was really shocked at how easy the weight felt as it’s where it was feeling heavy last time. I quickly worked through my set f 20 squats at the 215 without my legs feeling too bad other than the shakes as they got fatigued. Cardio wise it was “fun.” My heart rate peaked at 169. The weight though, felt fairly light as if it would be a warm up set. I’m ready to get back on board with these.

Music for the strength and twenty rep squats was Black Sabbath