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Another PR On My Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then The Sandbag WOD In The Afternoon

I had no idea what to expect from my twenty rep squats this week. They’re feeling easier each week yet it’s getting heavier for me. I know failure is imminent but have no idea when or how far I’ll be able to push it. On paper if I go by my mas I’m guessing with the next week or two I’ll top out but it certainly didn’t feel that way after today.

Today I had to do my twenty rep squats at 220 pounds. The weight felt easy today. by easy I mean it felt like a warm up set easy. I didn’t even have a sloppy rep. They were all consistent and quick reps. I took longer between reps to take a few breaths and set up but that’s just the way I learned to perform lifts. Always form over speed was really pushed at our old Crossfit gym. The cardio aspect of these is getting rougher as the weight goes up but they’re demanding a lot of whole body work even if they don’t feel heavy.

In the afternoon I decided to give today’s sandbag WOD a try. s simple enough on paper. 50 sandbag burpees, 100 back squats then 50 more burpees. I had no flow with the burpees today. Typically I can cycle them pretty quickly but today I sort of had to think about it more. I think it’s more because my legs still feel like dead weight than anything else.

Our music for the WOD was Deeds Of Flesh!