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Dead Tired But My Lifts Went Good Today

My strength today went pretty good. I didn’t expect it to go well at all with being dead tired but everything was a success, even my heavy ass deadlifts. Molly has off this week so we decided to walk to Joy’s last night for supper and a couple of drinks. They were good! That of course led to me having poor sleep. I woke up at 4am or so and just found myself laying there trying to go back to sleep yet feeling wide awake so I just got up.

We took Brooke to the bus stop then did some running around Lancaster. We tried Mission BBQ for lunch and were pretty disappointed in it. My pulled pork was bland at best, certainly not Harvey’s I would go back if we were in the area and thought of going there but there certainly won’t be any special trips.

back squats felt pretty good today. Heavier than they should have felt at only 195 pounds but they looked great at least. I got through my sets pretty quickly with the squats and even did two extra sets for five by five today. They didn’t really feel bad. Just heavy. I had no problems with them and never felt as if I was going to fail.

Like the back squats the strict presses were light for me. At least they didn’t really feel heavy like the back squats did though. I easily did five sets of five with minimal rest at the 97 pounds today.

The deadlifts were what today was really about. They were nice and heavy at 305 pounds for five singles. It’s a weight that I have not made my five singles at yet. The first rep felt what I would consider easy. The second rep also felt pretty easy. I used chalk for the third rep but it didn’t feel bad at all. Not even the fourth or fifth rep felt bad. I made them all! Even my grip felt good with them and I don’t use mixed grip. I don’t know what the deal with that is but it I’m doing something that’s working. I don’t even drop the bar here, I lower it under control so I don’t crack the floor. Of course I’d drop it if I needed to. I was really happy to make these lifts and what I strongly believe to be a PR. The way they felt their really should be more in the tank but you know how that goes. With me deadlifts are a huge mental block.

Even feeling as dead tired and exhausted as I do today I was happy to be out in the garage today and have a successful day at that. I overcame my tiredness and not feeling like doing shit and had a good day.

Music today was First Fragment.