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Squats Plus WOD Felt Pretty GOod

Last Night I slept pretty good last night. It was a much better night’s sleep than the past few days between waiting for the skies to clear and just being in a funk. I woke up feeling pretty good, thanks to a good night’s sleep.

I drank and enjoyed my coffee while catching up online stuff. It was a chilly start to the morning but fairly nice. It didn’t take long for the sun to come out, and that made me eager to get out in the garage and lift.

Once the mail got here, I got changed and headed into the garage to get started with my squats. My neck was really stiff, but my squats were not bothered by it at all. The bar did feel heavier and slower today than it normally would. Even just the empty bar and extremely light sets while warming up felt that way. I took my time between sets and while it felt heavy, the squats felt fantastic this morning.

My last working set was a moderately heavy but doable set of three plus reps and two hundred and seventy pounds. This set felt very heavy and slow, but not really like a grind. I ended up completing five reps, if memory serves, at that weight. I felt like I moved really well. Like I have been doing most of the time recently, I forgot to record it, so I couldn’t check the video, but the squats felt excellent.

I relaxed a bit for a little while and searched out a WOD to do. I had already done today’s vault WOD the other day, which was a bad workout for me. It was nothing more than a score. Trying to rush high reps of step-ups or box jumps as they were originally programmed just doesn’t work for me. It’s not the movement, but the visual aspect of it. It’s a high-risk movement for me and really anyone where the benefits aren’t worth it.

I found a WOD that was just rowing and increasing reps of push presses. For the workout, I went a little lighter, used the twenty-pound dumbbells, and did strict presses instead with my neck stiff. I went a little slower, but it was a decent workout for me. Much better than that waste of my time vault one.

The sun was shining, and the temperature was in the lower seventies, so I took a little time to take in some vitamin D on the patio. The sun felt great on my skin. The only catch was a bit of a chilly breeze from the south, so the house did not really block it. It was still nice to take in some sun and fresh air. It was pleasant to hear the birds sing. As always, it didn’t take long for someone to decide to mow. It will be so nice when gas mowers are mostly a thing of the past. They’re so loud, not to mention the fumes.

Music was Cytotoxin