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Lifting Went Pretty Good Today

Today was one of those days that was pretty surprising to me. To continue the past few sessions I really wasn’t feeling it today. After grabbing the mail and clearing the snow off the sidewalk this morning I decided to just do it.

Today was definitely a day where the warm up sets felt heavy as fuck. I mean if felt heavy but certainly doable and not too difficult to get through my back squats for three sets of five at 245 pounds. Moving the weight was the easy part. It just felt really fucking heavy on my back today. The lifts themselves were surprisingly easy and explosive considering this weight is getting up there.

Next up were the strict presses. These were a moderate weight of 112 pounds today for the three sets of five. Early on during the first working set I had a hard core cramp in my side muscle. I got through them all but opted not to do any extra sets because of that. If I had to take a venture and guess it was because I trashed my core yesterday with the sandbag WOD. The weirdest part is if I do get a cramp in my side it’s usually the opposite one. Once it released it didn’t happen again so I was able to continue through my strength for the day.

Finally I had to work my way through the five sets of three power cleans at 160 pound on this day. The weight wasn’t that bad but I was unsure how they’d go with the earlier core cramp but they went fine. I had some really awesome looking sets and some oddly sloppy sets and I don’t know why. Maybe the cramp was in the back of my mind and not letting me fully committing to some of the reps. The ones where I did commit looked awesome, the others were more less muscle cleans.

Music for today was Macabre.