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So Far Today I did My Strength And It Felt Tough But Really Good

I woke up early this morning, feeling pretty tired. Not feeling all that rested. I didn’t sleep enough last night and having drank alcohol didn’t really improve the restfulness of my sleep. I did what I needed to do and did my starting strength for the day. There was success where I expected and failure where I more less anticipated

The squats were a success but they really should have been at only 235 pounds. I won’t try to deny that they felt heavy as hell today. Even the 95 pound warm up set felt fucking heavy but I got through the three working sets of five with no issues. If anything they felt better as the sets progressed which was a pretty nice surprise. Normally it goes the other way around and they feel tougher as the sets go on.

Next up were the strict presses at 132 pounds. I fully expected to fail at these and I did. The important thing about them today is I had progressed past my past failure point at 130 pounds. On paper I should be able to get higher than this if I extrapolate from my one rep max but higher rep presses have never been that strong for me. They go fine until sudden failure. I have been pushing myself with the m a bit to fight for the tougher reps now that I finally have realized I’m not really bending my back like I thought I was. I am happy to break through my old mental block on these if nothing else.

The first two sets of strict presses went up fine. The last rep of both sets was pretty tough but I successfully made them. The last set I only made the first three reps before my brain failed me on them.

Finally I had the power cleans to do at 175 pounds for the five sets of three. They were very fast even though they felt a bit heavy. Today I did well with actually pulling under the bar. In the past when I have been thinking power cleans I’d hesitate to actually pull under it but instead widen my feet. I don’t know why that happens because I have no issues doing full cleans other than not reaching full extension if they’re too light.

The music choice for today was Death