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This Morning's Lifting Was Just Plain Fun

Last night I slept straight through the night. Didn’t even wake up to piss. I felt great when I woke up this morning other than having to wait a while before drinking coffee since I didn’t wake up to piss and take my thyroid pill. I can’t complain about it because it was a good night’s sleep.

I finished my coffee while Brooke was here and shortly after her bus took her to school I got changed and headed out to the garage to get started with the morning’s lifts. It was a reasonably nice morning to stand at the bus stop by February’s standards.

I started off the day with squats. These felt really good at the light 205 pounds I had for today. They looked good too. After my third set I debated on whether I wanted to go for five sets or add a few pounds and do this week’s twenty rep squats. I decided that since I was feeling so good and have some heavy deadlifts on Wednesday I’d do the twenty reps to space it out enough to be fully recovered for those heavy DL Wednesday. Naturally I had to take a shit before doing the twenty reps.

The twenty reps today were at 215 pounds since I skipped them last week feeling as run down as I did then. I took my time and worked through my twenty reps with no problem today. I didn’t expect to have any issues with them but it is getting a bit up there in weight for me. I actually did 21 reps because my ability to count went away today.

Next I did strict presses. Three sets of five were done at 102 pounds instead of the 100 I was supposed to do. I must have misread it. Either weight would have been light so it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t know where I got the 102 from.

Power cleans were up next. These felt good but I felt a little slow with them. They were only 150 pounds. I had no misses but I just felt that I was ever so slightly late at flipping my elbows.

Finally I did the SP deadlift program for this week since I was feeling pretty good. I did my two sets of five at an easy 210 pounds. After I did the sets of five it was time for the three triples. I did them at a pretty easily. I had also skipped this last week as I was feeling so burnt out but this week I feel great so did them.

This morning with my lifting was just another one of those days where I was really feeling it and enjoying myself while doing the lifts. I was having fun with it and not just going with the flow like I do sometimes. I really do enjoy it 95% of the time but today was one of those great mornings where I truly felt that there was nothing else that I would have rather been doing.

Music for today was Confessor.