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My Lifts Felt Pretty Tough But Good Today,

Today I will admit I am not really feeling it. I think it’s a combination of the past couple of days’ heat and definitely the humidity yesterday has me feeling at least a little run down. I slept last night but not well at all. I just really couldn’t feel at all cooled off. I also had and still have a lot of shit in my throat.

I really just never was able to cool off after yesterday’s second WOD, this week’s sun’s out guns out in the afternoon. By the time I performed that workout it was raining and in the 70s on increasing the humidity. It included a shit ton of bench press and I thought my pecs / triceps might be sore but they’re not even feeling a little tired, surprisingly.

I figured I would get started on my strength and just see how it goes. That’s what’s been making me better. Really it’s just me being consistent.

First up were my front squats at 220 pounds for three sets of five. I fully expected these to be a bit tough for me since it’s heavy and there really were no surprises at all. I completed the programmed sets but the last set had a rep that was really rough in the sticking point. Part of the reason for that is me collapsing a bit forward. I think the biggest reason for that really is that my hip seems a little tight from all the lunges in yesterday’s WOD. The front squat felt good, just heavy and the video showed really deep and nice looking front squats other than that one sloppy rep.

Next up were the strict presses at only 107 pounds. I managed to get through these pretty easily but it’s a weight for me that is still on the lighter side. I though they might be tough after yesterday’s 100 reps of bench press and tricep extensions. That doesn’t seem to have affected much though. I guess I’m used to the higher rep stuff with bro sessions.

Finally I had deadlifts today. These were at 255 pounds which was pretty light and much to my surprise with the slightly tight hip felt great. The last one I turned it into an AMRAP for fun to see what I could get at the 255 pounds and wound up with five before my grip wanted to give out. There was more in the tank and if I were more willing to drop the bar if I needed to I could have done it but I really don’t want destroy our floor.

Music this morning was Candlemass

Later on we did our bro lifts together. That went surprisingly well for me too after yesterday. I did lower my dumbbell bench press weight a bit to the 50s but they felt good and reasonably light. I didn’t want to over do it with yesterday’s shoulder intensive WOD. For the three point rows I went all out and grabbed a 75 pound dumbbell. That weight wasn’t an issue at all.

I was pleasantly surprised when with a l little fuckarounditis made me give the 50 pound dumbbell a shot for strict press. I thought it was a 35 pound one that I had already gotten out but it was actually the second 50 that I had forgotten to put away. I guess I was thinking I would use it for the rows but went way heavier on those. I only had one of them out so I did two strict presses on each side to see how they felt and they actually felt pretty good.

Shortly after that we went and grabbed Joy’s for takeout for supper tonight. They had root beer float slushies today and they were really good. I had to get those because root beer floats were one of my favorite things growing up. Having them be alcoholic is even better! I had an urge for a cheese steak and I have to say Joy’s makes a pretty legit one for around here so that’s what I ate.

After supper and watching The SP vault announcement I decided to go ahead and do the vault WOD. I chose to do strict pull ups and shorten the reps to 4 rather than 8. Our bar is too low for me to kip so I tend to try to keep them strict.

I used 25 pound dumbbells which were light for the push presses but the other movement in the WOD was double dumbbell snatches which I have not done yet. I realized after the fact that I could have gone heavier and probably used the RX weight but it’s better to finish safely and know that than injure your self doing a brand new movement to you. I had also taken the fact that I had just been drinking alcohol into consideration when deciding to not overdo the weight.

We went for a nice walk after the WOD. I wore my jacket thinking the wind would have been chillier but the wend settled a bit for the time we went for the walk. I was just a little too hot with my jacket on and having just done the WOD but at least it’s not humid today. We ended up going for a bout one and three quarter miles. It’s not a lot for us but longer than I thought we’d be able to go this evening with how nasty the wind got this afternoon.